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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Herbert M, owner of a 1971 Dodge from Zion, IL

I only used the paint for a small touch up so far and could not be more happy with match. Didn't even have the code only the color name as the paint is a Ford paint on a 1971 dodge dart swinger.

Rich D, owner of a 1971 Dodge from Delanco, NJ

I had a set of steel wheels that I needed to paint to match the Sherwood Green on my 1971 340 Duster. I ordered two cans of color and one can of clear. It covered the front of my wheels perfectly and the paint match is awesome. I painted and cleared the black and white test paper and taped it to the fender, I stood back 10 feet and could barely locate it. Perfect match on a car 45 years old, I couldn't be happier..Thanks again..

James W, owner of a 1971 Dodge from Jacksonville, FL

This is actually my first experience with buying 'ready to spray' paint online rather than the local paint store. We wanted the 1971 Dodge 'B5' Bright Blue Metallic and needed a gallon to paint our '67 Dart GT convertible. The fact that it arrives ready to strain and spray is great. The fact that it looks perfect and matches is even more of an indication that this company takes the time to ensure every order is right. We even ordered two rattle cans and clear as I'm sure we will ding or scratch something during reassembly. All in all, I am very satisfied and will be placing future orders.

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