Choose your Automotive paint color for your 2008 Daihatsu Cuore.

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Make Note: Most Daihatsu paint codes are located on the center or passenger side of the firewall. Click here for a Daihatsu paint code location chart.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
2008 Daihatsu Cuore Touch Up Paint | Dark Blue Mica B42 B42 Dark Blue Mica
2008 Daihatsu Cuore Touch Up Paint | Majolica Blue Mica B51 B51 Majolica Blue Mica
2008 Daihatsu Cuore Touch Up Paint | British Green Pearl G37 G37 British Green Pearl
2008 Daihatsu Cuore Touch Up Paint | Black Mica N05, X05 N05, X05 Black Mica
2008 Daihatsu Cuore Touch Up Paint | Pure Red R29 R29 Pure Red
2008 Daihatsu Cuore Touch Up Paint | Silver Metallic S28 S28 Silver Metallic
2008 Daihatsu Cuore Touch Up Paint | Champagne Metallic T17 T17 Champagne Metallic

Did you choose the wrong model? How about the 2008 Daihatsu Boon, Charade, Cocoa Mira, or e:S Mira?  If you're still not sure, take a look at our All 2008 Daihatsu Models page.  Or, just go to our page dedicated to Daihatsu Touch Up Paint

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Bob K, owner of a 1966 Ford F250 from South Fork, PA

I requested a match for a 1966 Ford F250, Holly Green. The vehicle still has its original paint and the touch-up paint that was sent was "dead-on"! Can't beat that at any price!

EJS, owner of a 1985 Chevrolet Corvette from Islip, NY

After not finding my paint code through the sites drop down menu, I contacted Customer Service who found it under a different year. I purchased two cans of base and two cans of clear to refinish the targa roof panel of my 85 Corvette. The paint arrived in a few days and I was off to work. The base went on flawlessly and even. After spraying my guide coat, I did a quick wet sand and sprayed another 3 coats of base (each can was good for 4 wet on wet coats), wet sanding between each to remove orange peel, until the color was even. Although I could clear coat the base once it was dry to the touch, I waited a few days. Before clearing, I cleaned it thoroughly to remove any dust that settled on it. I then cleared it, 2 coats of clear, wet sanding with 1000 grit to remove the orange peel, then another 2 wet on wet coats. I wet sanded that too before applying the final 2 coats of clear. I waited a week and wet sanded the final clear coat, first with 1000, then 1500, then 2000. Using the rubbing compound I purchased from this site, I machined it to an incredible finish using a foam pad to apply the compound and a micro-fiber towel to buff by hand. You cannot tell I used a rattle can, it looks totally professional and more importantly matches the paint on the rest of the car in color, depth and shine. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the paint. Time will tell how long it lasts, but being the car is garaged, I figure it should be good for at least 5 years before I'll need to shoot it again.

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