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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Glenn C, owner of a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country from Bound Brook, NJ

I used this to spray and color-coordinate some plastic parts. Body mouldings, trim pieces, mud spats, dash inlay. These were ugly flat-black. The paint works well. I have no complaints. I used 2 cans ordered at 2 different times, and both sprayed a shade light. For what I was doing, it was fine. If I was doing some actual body work, the blend would have been noticeable. I tried over a light and a dark primer, and the dark primer helped a little, but good coverage requires 6 coats, so order extra.

Jose Lopez, owner of a 2005 Chrysler 300C from CA

This company is extremely professional at what they do! Ordered 2k clear, 10 cans of color perfect match each time and the paint is high-quality. Service excellence and prices are great! I really can't say enough about the experience they exceedingly abundantly went beyond other companies that I have dealt with and Their colors are consistent each order. If you order any of their product you are definitely in good hands these are Quality people with all Quality products that have a spirit of excellence in what they do they are very trustworthy! You can order with confidence I just want to say thank you again sincerely Eagle1

Francis P, owner of a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country from Johnstown, PA

I had to fix some rust-outs on the bottom of my doors to pass inspection. After the fiberglass and primer, I used the aerosol paint to finish the job. The mechanic, who had originally failed my car for inspection, assumed I had taken it to a body shop.

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