Repainting a Spoiler Video

This OEM red Ford Escort ZX2 was having a problem with flaking on the clearcoat which is pretty common on older clearcoat & basecoat paint jobs. Take a look at the video to see what we did to repair it. For an extra tip, we suggest trying to get all the old clearcoat off since it might not hold up to sunshine and water. If you just put fresh paint over the chipper paint the old clearcoat might wrinkle up.

12 oz Basecoat Color
2 oz Prep Solvent
Assorted Wet Sandpaper Pack 5 1/2 x 9 inch
1 1/2" 3m Green Auto Grade
12 oz Aerosol Sandable Acrylic Lacquer Primer

Gold Tack Cloth
12 oz Aerosol High Gloss Clear Coat