Directions to teach you how to use our touch up paint

Directions For Touch Up Paints
Aerosol Touch Up Spray Paint Cans
Ready To Spray Paint ( you need an air compressor and a spray gun)
Paint Pen Directions

Remember Safety!

When using our products please use common sense. Keep all of our products away from children. Do not inhale or ingest. Abuse of these products can be harmful or fatal. Most of this paint is illegal for people under the age of 18 to purchase. Test the color match before using on your car. Wear disposable gloves. Use in a well ventilated area. We sell respirators made to filter paint fumes and we highly recommend using one. Do not store paint in your car. Keep paint in a cool and dry environment. EPA may require special disposal in your area. If you have to send any paints back to us ask first. This type of paint is not allowed in the mail with out very special attention and packaging. It must be sent surface transportation only. Solvent based paint is flammable.

Tri-coat paint is a little different.

If your paint is labeled as "tri-coat", look for your specific intructions listed on our specific directions pages for touch up paint bottles, spray paint cans, ready-to-spray paint, and paint pens.