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Make Note: Click here for Nissan paint code location diagrams and label examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
133 Blue Vanette
19A Gris Metallic
333 Gold
531 White
A20 Code Red/Scarlet Red
A32 Emotion Red Pearl
A52 Fired Iron Red Pearl
A54 Vibrant Red
AT4 Red Metallic
AT5 Red
AT9 Pink Mica
AX5 Merlot Pearl
AX6 Red
AY4 Luminous Red Metallic/Scarlet Red Metallic
B17 Metallic Blue Line
B19 Purplish Blue
B20 Sapphire Black Pearl
B23 Blue Dusk Metallic/Blue Metallic/Blue Onyx Metallic
B30 Blue Steel Metallic/Lakeshore Slate Metallic
B51 Blue Metallic
B52 Faded Denim Blue Metallic
B53 Indigo Blue Metallic
B64, Z54 Sideral Gray Mica
BKAB, KAB Super Silver Metallic
BL1 Bluish Purple Pearl
BL8 Purplish Blue Metallic
BS1 Light Bluish Gray Metallic
BS4 Dark Blue
BS5 Light Blue
BS7 Blue Metallic
BT8 Dark Blue Pearl
BV4 Intense Blue Metallic
BV6 Blue Metallic
BV7 Blue
BW6 Dark Blue Pearl
BW9 Majestic Blue Metallic
BY5 Blue
BY7 Kreta Blue Pearl
C30 Cafe Latte Metallic
C70, Z35 Magma Red
CAB Tinted Bronze Metallic
CAE Choco Glass Metallic/Espresso Black Metallic
CAG Sunset Bronze Pearl
CAH Golden Ginger Pearl
CJ0 Santa Fe Brown Metallic
CR2 Bronze Metallic
CV1 Taupe Metallic
D31, Z36 Casablanca White
D32, Z37 Corn Yellow
D68, Z41 Midnight Black Metallic
D90, Z38 Moss Green
D92, Z42 Ocean Green Metallic
DAD Grayish Grn Gold Metallic/Mystic Jade Metallic
DH3 Silver Metallic
DH4 Gray Metallic
DL2 Graysih Green Metallic
DN0 Grayish Green Metallic
DS0 Grayish Green Metallic
DV3 Dark Green Pearl
DV6 Grayish Green Pearl
E42 Vivid Yellow Pearl
EAF Anodized Orange Metallic
EEC Black Metallic
EJ3 Gold Pearl
EM0 Light Gold Metallic
ES1 Olive Green Metallic
EV0 Sunlit Sand Metallic
EV1 Yellow
EW2 Light Yellow
FAA Twilight Gray Metallic
FAD Blue Green Metallic
FAE Caribbean Pearl
FAF Airtech Blue Metallic
FAH Light Blue Metallic
FH1 Bluish Green
FJ1 Bluish Green Pearl
FM0 Turquoise Metallic
FN1 Bluish Green Metallic
FN3 Bluish Green Metallic
FP2 Mallard Green Metallic
FV1 Turquoise Pearl
G10 Galaxy Black Metallic/Galaxy Metallic
G41 Black Metallic
GAD Crimson Black Metallic/Red Zone Black Metallic
GAE Dark Mohagany Pearl
GAG Black Pearl
GN0 Black Pearl
HAB Toasted Almond Metallic
HAD Satin Fume Metallic
JAA Umbria Twilight Metallic
JAC Moss Green Metallic
JAD Yellow Green Pearl
JAH Pop Green Metallic
JS1 Dark Green Pearl
JT3 Yellowish Green Metallic
JV0 Dark Green Metallic
K11 Smoke Metallic
K12 Radiant Silver Metallic/Silver Coolness Metallic/Silver Mist Metallic
K21 Steel Gray Metallic/Twilight Gray Metallic
K23 Liquid Platinum Metallic
K26 Hippo Gray Metallic
K36 Ash Metallic/Gray Metallic
K50 Dark Slate Metallic
K51 Gray Metallic/Platinum Graphite Metallic
K53 Porcelane Silver Metallic
K54 Urban Silver Metallic
K55 Brownish Gray Metallic
KAC Desert Shadow Metallic
KAD Gun Metallic
KAF Flint Gray Metallic
KAH Saharan Stone Metallic
KAP Bluish Gray Metallic
KAQ Titanium Metallic
KAR Iron Gray Metallic
KAS Purplish Silver Metallic
KAV Gray Metallic
KAX Dark Gray Metallic
KAY Silver Metallic
KBC Metallic Slate
KH3 Black Obsidian/Super Black
KJ2 Satin Silver Metallic
KJ7 Ivory
KL0 Platinum Silver Metallic
KM1 Gray Metallic
KP0 Gray
KR4 Silver Metallic
KR6 Greenish Gray Pearl
KT6 Gray Metallic
KXC Ultra Silver Metallic
KY0 Chrome Silver Metallic/Diamond Silver Metallic
L50 Bitter Chocolate Pearl/Brownish Purple Metallic/Dark Currant Metallic
LAA Dark Violet Metallic
LAE Black Amethyst Metallic/Dark Purple Metallic
LP1 Grayish Purple Metallic
LV0 Light Purple Pearl
LV1 Reddish Purple Metallic
NAC Carmine Red Metallic
NAD Sonoma Sunset Metallic/Tuscan Sun Metallic
NAF Black Pepper Metallic
NAG Black Cherry Pearl
NAH Red Pearl
PB2 Purplish Blue
Q10 Nordic White
QAB White Pearl
QAC Visual Pearl
QAG White
QM1 Cloud White
QR2 White Pearl
QV1 White
QX1 Glacier Pearl/Ivory Pearl/White Pearl
QX3 Satin White Pearl
RAA Deep Sapphire Metallic
RAB Deep Blue Metallic
RAE Blue Metallic/Monterey Blue Pearl
RAF Arctic Blue Metallic
RAH Blue Metallic/Caribbean Blue Metallic
RAP Metal Fish Metallic/Metallic Fish Metallic/Ocean Gray Metallic
RAQ Dark Blue Metallic/Gun Metal Blue Metallic/Gun Metallic Blue Metalliclic
RAT Blue/Planet Blue Metallic
RAY Blue Pearl
REX6 6 Digit Rex Assign
RT1 Coffee Metallic
RT2 Orange Metallic
TH0 Gray Metallic
TP1 Java Blue Metallic
TT2 Light Blue Pearl
YV3 Olive Green Metallic
Z09 Ice White
Z10 Red
Z11 Black Metallic
Z24 Cherry Red Metallic
Z25 King Blue
Z34 Star Silver Metallic
Z39 Myosotis Blue
Z48 Orange
Z52 Bright Red
Z53 Lemon Yellow
Z55 Uralmountain Mica
Z56 Rubensrot Metallic
Z64, ZT4 Bleu Intense Metallic
Z9T Bright Red II
ZAG Giverny Green Metallic
ZAW Blue Ink Metallic
ZHJ Arctic White Pearl
ZM1 Moco Green Metallic
ZW6 Panorama Blue Mica
ZX2 Lemon Green Metallic
ZY4 Azure Gray Pearl
Two Tone Color Combination - 11J
KY0 Chrome Silver Metallic/Diamond Silver Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 2Y7
KH3 Black Obsidian/Super Black
KY0 Chrome Silver Metallic/Diamond Silver Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - 2Y9
BW6 Dark Blue Pearl
KY0 Chrome Silver Metallic/Diamond Silver Metallic
Two Tone Color Combination - KH3
KH3 Black Obsidian/Super Black
KY0 Chrome Silver Metallic/Diamond Silver Metallic

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Justin R, owner of a 2011 Nissan from Colfax, NC

Looks like new!! Excellent product and very fast shipping. 100% color match.

Elated Customer, owner of a 2010 Nissan Rogue

So I NEVER write reviews, but I figured its time I stop just using them and actually contribute. Let me start by saying I am not crafty and I know nothing about cars, and I am usually too lazy to read directions. That being said this product turned out amazing. The paint color for my Nissan Rogue was an absolute perfect match and the rubbing compound was amazing in itself. I highly recommend this product especially for minor scratches along the side of the car, you don't even need the paint and clear coat for these. It is amazing how easily the scratches rubbed out with this product. Highly recommend. Prices were very reasonable too, would of cost more for a crap product from Wal-Mart.

Anthony, owner of a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder from SI NY

I have to say your product worked great !!! I bought an aerosol spray for my Nissan the paint matched 1000%. I waited 30 minutes sprayed 2 coats of clear and you can never tell and I did a blend job with the paint. I only had to fix a corner of the bumper 5 in by 8 in you could never tell and saved 1500.00. Plus it was my sisters truck and borrowed it she will never be the wiser.

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