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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Michael B, owner of a 2006 Mini Cooper Convertible from Milton, MA

I have no experience painting cars but am handy and YouTube is perfect for getting the process down. I was looking for a color matched can of spray paint to repair a poor prior paint job on both rear quarters and the rear bumper of my daughters red Mini Cooper. I found Automotive Touchup on line, and they had great reviews. I suspect a previous owner painted the rear of the car and didn't apply any clear coat because I was getting red paint on the alcohol rag I was using to wipe down. In the end I had to paint about 5 sqft of each quarter and the entire rear bumper, which I did in my driveway. I ordered one can of their base paint, which was enough, along with one can of clear coat. I eventually bought two more cans of clear coat to cover runs from trying to use a locally purchased can of clear to finish the job. The color match was perfect and YouTube videos provide a great education. I can not overstate how helpful the fan tips of the spray cans simplified the application of the paint and clear coat, the locally purchased can had a tight round spray pattern which applied too much clear coat in a small area which caused runs. I ended up wet sanding the clear coat to 2000 to smooth the orange peel finish I ended up with due to my lack of technique and I power buffed the entire car, another first, to a fantastic shine. Concerning the repair of the drips I found it useful to drag razor blades, flexing it to keep the corners up, to scrape, not cut, the drip flush with the surrounding clear coat before wet sanding to 2000, it made removing the drips quick and easy without fear of sanding through the surrounding finish. Now that I think I know what I am doing I will be attacking other automotive paint issues, and having worked with their spray cans will not be using spot paint again. I highly recommend their products as well as getting more than you think you will need because there is always something.

Robert N, owner of a 2006 Mini Cooper S from Fresno, CA

I was very pleased wit the color match and the results. Thanks very much

John Y, owner of a 2006 Mini Cooper S from Belmont, NC

Good service, good color match and great quality!

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