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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Tom L, owner of a 1991 Jeep from New Albany, MS

The name of your product should be "Perfect Match", because that is what it is. I painted an entire side panel of a 1991 Jeep Cherokee in Hunter Green, which is well known for peeling paint, and you cannot tell where the new paint stops and the factory paint begins. Thank you for making a Great product at an affordable price.

Lynn W, owner of a 1991 Jeep Cherokee from Frankston, TX

I am an older guy and have dealt with a lot of vehicles and restoration classic cars etc. I am refurbishing a 1991 Jeep Cherokee. The vehicle has some deep scratches on the door. This is always a problem because hard to cover up and make it look right without putting out the $$$$ for a complete repaint job.... Regular touch up paint never turns out right as you know. Welllllll I am sitting here in my garage working on the project and I am totally AMAZED!!! I am going to be able to layer this Automotivetouchup paint in a few coats and then apply the clear coat and the scratches will be TOTALLY GONE!! WOW !! I am still in awe at this product !!! This gonna be an easy fix now !! I will never buy touch up paint anywhere else again !! Automotivetouchup ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!! Lynn Wier TEXAS

Zack, owner of a 1991 Jeep Wrangler from Longview, Texas

Guys. This was an amazing experience. The shipment was fast and the paint was almost an exact match it made those scratches and scrapes look amazing. Beautiful service.

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