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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

D C, owner of a 1983 Honda from California

I ordered paint for my 33 year old car, and the color matched Perfectly! It's a very generous container and packed and shipped well. I would suggest to any buyers that if your car has a shiny finish (as most cars do) to also buy the Clear Coat (and Primer if using on a sizable area of bare metal), as the paint alone is not shiny. Thanks again for the accurate color blend!

Pleased, owner of a 1984 Honda Civic from Los Angeles, CA

I ordered touchup paint for a 1984 Honda CRX Blue -- it matches perfectly! Very very pleased.

John P, owner of a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe from Englewood, CO

This stuff is the greatest! We used it to fix various panels on the car on which the clearcoat was peeling off. It was on a cool day so we heated the various locations with a heat gun before painting. The basecoat color matched perfectly. We prepared the surfaces using 320 wet or dry sandpaper. The clearcoat spread nicely and was easy to blend. When finished and dry, you could not tell we had done major touchup at all. This saved us hundreds of bucks and made it easy to sell the car. It is a great product!!

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