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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Michael M, owner of a 2005 Ford from Williamsburg, VA

While this is my second purchase for touch up paint and for a different color, the quality of the match as well as the quality of the paint is simply amazing. Nearly a perfect match and quite easily the best touch up paint I have ever used. Outstanding….

Ron G, owner of a 2005 Ford Expedition from Grapevine, TX

Have used Automotive Touchup products before and always get a perfect match! Prompt shipping as usual

Walt Coles, owner of a 2005 Ford Mustang from Lincoln Park, MI 48146

I do not usually e-mail comments about a product, but your spray paint worked so well that I felt compelled to do so. My wife and I both own Mustangs in the same red color. Hers is a 2004 hardtop and mine a 2005 convertible. I have been frustrated for years that although I could buy touchup pens, no one offered this color in a rattle can. (I did find an outfit in Britain that had it, but they couldn't ship it to the US!) At the time, I didn't need the spray paint, but wanted it "just in case". Well, three years ago I got a pretty big dent across the compound wheel-well curve on the front fender. The Ford Dealer quoted a price of over $700. to fix it, claiming the entire fender would need repainting. I politely declined, but pointed out that if I could get a spray can that I could fix it myself for less than 50 bucks without repainting the entire fender. I just left the dent and lived with it until I saw your ad in Motor Trend Magazine. I took a chance and ordered three cans of Ford M7042A (two were extra for possible future "just in case" incidents). Two weeks ago, I finally had time to tackle the project. After filler and feathering, my repair area grew much larger than I had anticipated. I told my wife that I was probably in trouble, because now my paint would have to be blended into the middle of the panel and would most certainly show. Well, after clear-coat, color sanding, and polishing compound, I was astounded! Your paint was an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT match!!! No matter what the lighting or angle there is NO sign whatsoever that paint was blended into the original paint in the middle of a panel! Thank you for a wonderful product. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Walt Coles Lincoln Park, MI 48146

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