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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Robert S, owner of a 1964 Volvo from Raleigh, NC

Hello, I have been very satisfied with the paint color, and your shipping time is satisfactory. My one complaint is with the aerosol spray pattern. It is difficult to spray narrow areas. For example, the bottom of a car hood where the inner hood bracing creates narrow channels - an inch or so wide and half an inch deep. The spray cannot be evenly distributed since the spray pattern is a vertical, narrow fan shape. This also causes quite a bit of waste when painting edges because the height of the fan spray pattern. I am comparing your spray pattern against name brand commercial spray cans in making these comments. I have used commercial spray primer and paint on areas that don't show on my project. Those spray patterns are easier to use. Regards, Robert Sharer

Beatrix W, owner of a 1995 Volvo 850 from Hyattsville, MD

A van sideswiped my car in a parking lot. The damage wasn't too bad--scrapes, mostly--so I decided to try to patch up the paint myself, and I ordered the touch-up paint from you. It was a perfect match. I haven't gotten the clear coat on yet, since it's been raining a lot, but you have to be very close to the car to see where it was fixed (I haven't done this before). You saved me a bundle!

Shaun, owner of a 1995 Volvo 850 from OR

I tried to get Volvo 421 (a dark green metallic) for our 1995 855 T5-R from two Volvo dealers and they both said it was no longer available. The color applied to the bumpers by a professional shop when I had them replaced a couple years ago was close but too dark and not as metallic. Since body shops really don't want to do out of pocket dent repair anymore (The remove and replace insurance mill is an insane money generator -so I understand) and I wanted to repair a couple scratches on our now collectible wagon I tried the Automotive Touch base and clear coat aerosol. The color is very very very close, close enough that you need to know where to look for it to see the difference- and this is with careful shade tree DIY level application in the great outdoors. If I were to have anything on the car resprayed again I would buy this paint in bulk and give it to the shop. These folks are really trying and offer a great product.

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