Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1974 Volkswagen All Models.

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Select the color for your 1974 Volkswagen All Models below by clicking on any item in the corresponding row. After the color is selected, just click the "choose your color" button to see the products we offer with that color!

Make Note: The paint code is normally located in the back compartment panel in the trunk. Click here for Volkswagen paint code location diagrams and label examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
036 Lachsdiamant Metallic
334 Blue Metallic
54D, L54D Marina Blue
L041 Black
L10A Rallye Yellow
L13H Ceylon Beige
L13M Saturn Yellow
L20A Marina Gold
L20B Bright Orange
L20E Signal Orange
L30B Kasen Red
L32K Rallye Red
L50K Neptune Blue
L51P Olympic Blue
L53H Orient Blue
L55Z Delft Blue
L60F Avocado Green
L61A Cliff Green/Rallye Green
L62H Yosemite Yellow
L64K Zambezi Green
L65K Ravenna Green
L91Z Atlas White
L95C Mousse Metallic
L95K Palma Green Metallic
L95M Ontario Metallic
L96B Alaska Blue Metallic
L96B Alaska Metallic
L96C Olive Metallic
L96D Gemini Metallic
L96M Marathon Blue Metallic
L96M Marathon Blau Metallic
L97C Red Metallic
L97C Rot Metallic
L97H Gold Metallic
L98A Jaune Maya Metallic
L98C Harvest Gold Metallic
L98C Hellas Metallic
L99A Saturngelb Metallic
L99B Harvest Gold Metallic
L99Z Turkishell Metallic
LL53 Siegellackrot
T1 Agatbraun

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Dean S, owner of a 1974 Volkswagen from Cedar Springs, MI

I only use AutomotiveTouchup for the right match to the colors I need. I have used them for several years and multiple cars and they are the best.

Anthony W, owner of a 1974 Volkswagen from Old Bridge, NJ

Perfect match - Can't tell the difference between factory and touch up. Very pleased.

Louis H, owner of a 1974 Volkswagen from Fuquay Varina, NC

This was a perfect match with the original paint. I was able to repair the affected area with ease. Thank you

Michael D, owner of a 1974 Volkswagen from Redding, CA

The touch-up paint I purchased was an exact fit to the original 40-year-old paint on the inside of my Volkswagen Super Beetle. I cannot tell any difference in the color at all. However, the car was repainted on the outside, and, unfortunately, the painter did not match up the paint as well as you guys did; so now I have to do a little mixing of my own, or take the fuel-filler door down to an automotive paint place and see if they can match up the painter's "slight". I will use the touch up for the inside since it's a perfect match, and will buy the spray can from you, to re-do my interior.

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