Choose your Automotive paint color for your 2007 Maybach 57.

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Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
161, 9161 Baltic Black
1-697, 1697, 697 Rocky Mountain Brown Middle Me
3-588, 3588, 588 Ayers Rock Red Metallic
367, 5-367, 5367 Cote D'Azur Blue Middle Metall
385, 5-385, 5385 Cote D'Azur Blue Bright Metall
491, 8-491, 8491 Rocky Mountain Dark Brown Meta
5-947, 5947, 947 Cote D'Azur Blue Dark Metallic
6-808, 6808, 808 Ireland Green Dark Metallic
6-886, 6886, 886 Ireland Green Middle Metallic
721 Nevada Silver Metallic
766, 9-766, 9766 Nayarit Silver Metallic
7-725, 725, 7725 Himalayas Gray Dark Metallic
7-756, 756, 7756 Himalayas Gray Middle Metallic
7-770, 770, 7770 Himalayas Gray Bright Metallic
7-773, 773, 7773 Tierra Del Fuego Bright Metall
7-781, 7781, 781 Tierra Del Fuego Middle Metall
780, 9-780, 9780 Alaska White
9-972, 972, 9972 Caspian Black Metallic
9-975, 975, 9975 Caspian Black Metallic

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Charles H, owner of a 1994 Cadillac Deville Concour from Pleasantville, OH

I have used Automotive Touch Up Paint on 3 different vehicles, the color match is always spot on. If you use proper preparation, your paint job will come out looking fantastic, just remember to take your time. The paint sprays easy for the large jobs and the touch up small bottle is great for those small rock chips, etc. I will continue buying from Automotive Touch Up whenever the need calls. They have great products and good customer relation.

Christopher C, owner of a 2013 Cadillac CTS from Staten Island, NY

I am very pleased with this product. I have a brand new car and was driving on the highway when the truck in front of me shot a rock up, it hit my car and chiped my bumper. The body shop wanted $1200 to fix it. I decided to try your product. The color matched perfectly, customer service support was excellent and shipping was fast and ahead of schedule. I would recommend this product to anybody.

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