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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Andree S, owner of a 1998 Lincoln from Lakeland, FL

My car is pearl white and I never thought I could find the perfect match in a touch-up paint. Well I did and am so pleased. It's a triple stage paint and it matches perfectly after applying the first and second coat and then the third clear coat. You can hardly see the little nicks and chips I touched up. You just need a steady when applying and it looks perfect. Thank you Automotive touchup

Joey R, owner of a 1998 Lincoln Continental from Ohio

Color was absolutely spot on. I was worried about the metal flake being slightly off but it was perfect. (Just make sure you follow the directions, with metal flake you really have to spray from the correct distance or it'll look too dark) Would definitely use again / recommend to a friend!

Chad W, owner of a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII from Champaign, IL

Got the paint within a few days! Good company to do business with.

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