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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

C A, owner of a 1997 Lincoln Town Car from SC

Used your product on an old 1997 Lincoln Sig. Towncar. Trim had been chipped in numerous spots. Took a little while to get it to look right but it turned out well. Pleased with product. Local Lincoln-Ford dealer said that they no longer stocked or could even order the touch up paint I needed. AutomotiveTouchup saved me hundreds of dollars a professional paint shop would have charged me for the same job I did for less than $25.00. C.A. of South Carolina

Robert S, owner of a 1997 Lincoln Town Car from Hendersonville, NC

Delivery was right on time. Packing was excellent. The color match was perfect. My passenger door was scraped along the plastic at the bottom of the door. In a dark blue car the white scratches that showed really caught your eye. The touch up paint was hard to apply really smooth with the brush supplied. (first time I have done this type of work) The area to cover was bigger than just a ding. The end result was excellent. The color supplied blended very well and the it shined up so that you had to look real hard to begin to see where it was applied. Highly recommended. Would use this product again.

Jackie B, owner of a 1997 Lincoln from Uniontown, OH

I loved the fast delivery and the color match was spot on. I did many light coats waiting in between for them to dry. The next day I sprayed the finish coat on in many light sprays waiting in between for this to dry. My car has a high gloss paint finish. The area that I painted doesn't have the same high gloss. How long should I wait to wax this area? The car looks really great and I am glad that you could match the color. [ATU Note: Don't wax it, you need to apply 3-4 wet but not drippy coats of clear, not light coats on the clearcoat layer. Then wait one month to wax.]

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