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Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
1097, JRN Ocean Blue
1207, LVD Charcoal Metallic
1209, MNX Platinum Metallic/Platinum Silver Metallic
1216, HAM British Green Metallic
1217, CAQ Nightfire Red Metallic
1225, JAV Cayman Blue Metallic
1228, JAX Kingfisher Metallic
1231, MUM Zircon Silver Metallic
1236, JUV Caspian Blue Metallic
1237, CUY Bolero Red Metallic
1260, 609, EAB Kinversand Metallic
1267, JFR Bermuda Blue Metallic
1272, HFD Buttermilk
365, SAM Savannah Variant Metallic
458, MUD Aspen Silver Metallic
484, JUQ Ionian Blue Mica
575, JUV Avalon Blue Metallic/Avalon Blue Mica
622, KMH Venetian Purple Metallic
637, HYJ Coniston Green
642, MAL Blenheim Silver Metallic
721, KMY Glacier Mica
723, CBC Scarlet Red Mica
796, JGJ Buckingham Blue
797, LRC797, PBF Sumatra Black Metallic
798, MBK Zermatt Silver Metallic
799, HFU, LRC799 Keswick Green
817, JMC Tamar Blue
820, LRC820, PAB Santorini Black Metallic
822, AAD, LRC822 Bournville Metallic
823, JBL, LRC823 Bali Blue Metallic
824, GAQ, LRC824 Ipanema Sand Metallic
825, AAJ, LRC825 Nara Bronze Metallic
826, JCK, LRC826 Marmaris Teal Metallic
848, JNE Helsinki Blue Metallic
862, HHP Kosrae Green Metallic
863, LRC863, MEN Indus Silver Metallic
864, JYB, LRC864 Mauritius Blue Metallic
866, HGY, LRC866 Aintree Green Metallic
867, LRC867, NDH, NER Fuji White
868, CAH, LRC868 Firenze Red Metallic
874, CHP Caviar Metallic
889, CBK Rimini Red Metallic
907, LEL Stornoway Gray Metallic
908, NMN, NND White Diamond
911, UME Caribbean Blue Mica
912, JEB, LRC912 Baltic Blue Metallic
965, JRJ Biarritz Blue Metallic/Tahiti Blue Mica
995, LAL Pewter Metallic
CEV Xirallic Red Mica
EAP, MGRC066 Paprika Orange Metallic
GDH Calypso/Regl Gld Metallic
HAC, LRC821 Galway Green Metallic
JGD, MGRC067 Oxygen Blue Metallic
JGL Biscay Blue Metallic
JGY, MGRC180 Ignition Blue Pearl
JYA, MGRC0022 Sea Frost Blue Mica
LEF, MGRC009 Obsidian Metallic
LES, LRC911 Lago Gray Metallic
MBP Siberian Silver Metallic
MWE Izmir Metallic
NDJ Dover White
PVM Narvik Black
TAT207 Citrine Gold Metallic
TAT310 Carnival Red Metallic
TAT529 Amethyst Blue Metallic
TAT720 Dusky Gray Metallic

Did you choose the wrong model? How about the 2011 Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Freelander, LR2, LR4, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, or Range Rover Sport?  Or, just go to our page dedicated to Land Rover Touch Up Paint

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Anthony M, owner of a 2010 Land Rover LR2 from Stoneham, MA

Thank you paint match perfect. Land rover 2010 black flex.

Adam, owner of a 2010 Land Rover Range Rover Sport from Los Angeles, CA

One of those days when someone decided to leave a good bye scratch on the side if my bumper at one of the parking lots. Considering how flawless I maintain my cars I was beyond angry. First called a body shop I used before. But after hearing a quote on something I knew I could fix myself I decided to try automotive touch up. They had the paint color and code listed on their site, that matched the one of my car. Ordered the paint, clear coat and the sand paper kit. Paint match was perfect, and blended in so well you can't tell where it started. After done sanding and buffing out it shines and looks like nothing ever happened. Thank You for saving me hundreds of dollars and allowing me to restore my car to it's beauty. Took photos before and after to show to a few friends and everyone was impressed with the color match!

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