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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Clem, owner of a 1967 Ford from NY

This is the best touch up paint I've used. The color match is perfect and it's not watery like the junk sold in chain stores. I used the 1/2 ounce bottle.

Jon S, owner of a 1967 Ford from Bloomsburg, PA

My 1/2 oz. bottle was a perfect match. I used a small match head for application, rather than the brush for more control. The areas I was touching up were very small. The clear coat was one of the best I have ever used. Most other brands are somewhat gummy. I'll be back for color matches for my other cars.

E, owner of a 1967 Ford from Long Beach, NY

This is the best touch-up paint I have ever used. Unlike the watery thin junk sold in auto parts stores, this paint covers well. I used the small bottle for some touch ups and the color match was perfect. After applying a clear-coat the repair was very neat and not visible from five feet away. This is an EXCELLENT product and was well worth the price and the ten day wait for its arrival.

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