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Restore Your Ford Finish In Two Steps

Select Your Ford's Color (Step One)

AutomotiveTouchup paint products are custom mixed to perfectly match the color of your 1999 Ford Explorer using a basecoat/clearcoat system just like factory specs. To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code so you can find it on the chart below. The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Codes Color Description
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Oxford White 4WFAWHA, M6466A, YZ 4WFAWHA, M6466A, YZ Oxford White
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Harvest Gold Metallic B2, M6926A B2, M6926A Harvest Gold Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Chestnut Brown Metallic B4, M6938A B4, M6938A Chestnut Brown Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Bright Amber Metallic BG, M6811A BG, M6811A Bright Amber Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Vermilion E4, M6470A, W4665 E4, M6470A, W4665 Vermilion
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Toreador Red Metallic FL, M6758A FL, M6758A Toreador Red Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Spruce Green Metallic FS, M6860A FS, M6860A Spruce Green Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Charcoal Green Metallic FT, M6861A FT, M6861A Charcoal Green Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Medium Wedgewood Metallic LD, M6763A LD, M6763A Medium Wedgewood Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Wedgewood Blue Metallic LL, M6910A LL, M6910A Wedgewood Blue Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Ebony M6373A, UA M6373A, UA Ebony
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Medium Platinum Metallic M6454A, RC M6454A, RC Medium Platinum Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | White Pearl M6864A, WF M6864A, WF White Pearl
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Amazon Green Metallic M6922A, SU M6922A, SU Amazon Green Metallic
1999 Ford Explorer Touch Up Paint | Jalapeno Green Metallic M6951A, SV M6951A, SV Jalapeno Green Metallic


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Why The Two-Step Paint System?

Your 1999 Ford Explorer is painted at the factory with a high quality basecoat/clearcoat system. This two-step paint system consists of step one, the basecoat, which is your car’s actual color, and step two, the clearcoat, the specially formulated clear paint that protects the base color and provides the luster and deep shine your vehicle came with when new. AutomotiveTouchup products faithfully reproduce your vehicle manufacturer’s basecoat/clearcoat system.

Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Ed A, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Charlotte, NC

I really like the AutomotiveTouchup product as the color is always a great match and the price is very reasonable. I order touchup paint from my Chevy dealer but the AutomotiveTouchup is a better match.

Candy, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from AZ

I ordered touch up paint from you 4 years ago, and at that time I was very happy to find a color that matched so well. Being a women with no experience of painting a car, I have to say I did a wonderful job, and it has still continued to look good. Now today 4 years later I have ordered the same paint again as I took my car through the Car Wash a few times and the equipment took off the paint along the bottom portion of car underneath the driver and passengers door. I wasn't sure how it would turn out and was very pleased with the outcome. I can't even tell where the old paint meets the new paint. One thing I decided NOT to do this time was not use the High Gloss Clear Coat, as my car is older, and when I used it before it made the spots I painted shiny. This time I went over those spots again, and it looks good. I also used the Primer where needed on some spots and it worked well.

Felipe M, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Miami, FL

Good paint, fast delivery

John G, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Phoenix, MD

Paint was a perfect match, I mean perfect. The price was good, had some slight rust issues fixed them myself. Saved a ton of money and the paint was a perfect match, thank you.

Stephen A, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Torrance, CA

Amazingly wonderful product! The pants are perfect matches each and every time I order. My cars look great thanks to automotive touch up.

Dan L, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Enfield, CT

Great products. This was my first auto body repair in about 35 years! The bondo filler, paint, clear coat, and rubbing liquid all worked great for me. Instructions were easy to follow. The medium platinum metallic grey paint matched my '99 Explorer XLT Sport bumper paint color perfectly! Very pleased. No more ugly rusty bumper. Looks almost like new. I'm a novice at this, but I must say it came out quite nice. Saved a ton of $$$ doing it myself. Now I know I can do it and I learned a few things as well for next time! I have a very small area on the back of one of my front fenders that has some rust on it too, so I'll be fixing that up soon. I plan to get the toreador red paint for that job from Automotive Touchup as well. Really good experience all around. Thanks! Dan

Mike G, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Toms River, NJ

I recently placed an order for some paint for our 2000 Ranger 4X4, & 1999 Explorer Sport. M6454A (platinum gray) for the Ranger, & E4 (vermilion red)for the Explorer. I was repairing the rocker panels & replace the l/s door handle on the Explorer. The paint was an excellent match. I have not yet had a chance to use the gray paint for the Ranger.

Mike G, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Toms River, NJ

I ordered red spray paint & clear coat to paint a new door handle, the red arrived but I was sent gray primer instead of the clear coat. I contacted the company & they promptly sent me out the clear coat. I painted the new door handle & coated it with the clear coat, looks as good as the original one. Thanks for a great match.

Dennis, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Pleasanton, CA

I used the primer, base coat and clear to fix deep gouges in the paint. I can't believe the results on a 15 year old vehicle. The color matches very nicely and the clear buffs up to match the gloss on the rest of the truck. Now it's time to fix my blemishes on my wife's car.

Ron Sadowski, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Edison, NJ

After we purchased our new Ford Explorer a few years ago I decided to hold on to the 1999 Explorer that she previously drove. My daughter was about to get her license and I figured it would be a great starter vehicle. Unfortunately, although the truck ran well, there were numerous rust spots in the quarter panels near the wheel wells. I figured I'd give your company a shot and placed an order for a can of spray paint based on the original color. To my amazement, the color match perfectly. The metallic finish looks like the original. I couldn't be happier.

James H, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Long Beach, CA

Automotive touchup was the only provider that I found that had my paint code LL. I ordered the paint cans and after painting the fender that I had to paint, the color was better than the paint I had on the car itself! Makes me want to order more and repaint the whole car now just to make it match. Good job with the paint and the shipping was quicker than I thought it would be. Thanks Jim H.

Douglas D, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Tucker, GA

Only had a few chips to cover up; bought the touch-up paint to mask them. I was surprised at how well the color matched, even for a 1999 model. My previous experience with touch-up paint was on another vehicle with the dealer's own stuff - and you could tell where it was applied. I wasn't expecting such a good match, just something to cover the dings to help prevent rusting. I'll definitely consider AutomotiveTouchup again when I need to get touch-up paint.

Leverne D, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from MD

Used the spray can of LL on my wife's car where the body was repaired. The match of the paint was "VERY GOOD". Glad I found you on the internet. The only concern I have is the price of shipping.

Ed A, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from NC

Paint was a very good match!

Bonnie M, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Crookston, MN

The color is perfect. It was more than enough for the repairs I did. I am a do it yourself fixer, just wanted to get rid of some rust and it worked!

Alyssa, owner of a 1999 Ford Explorer from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Fantastic! It was really easy to order because of the pic showing where to find the color code. It arrived by the promise date and the color was an exact match. I am really happy overall.

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