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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
0632, XSC0632 Black
2361, KRYE, XSC2361 Smokestone Mica
2409, XSC2409 Ebony Black Mica
2608, XSC2608 Amparo Blue Metallic
2635, ECAF, XSC2635 Chianti Red Mica
2681, XSC2681 Cayman Blue Mica
2698, XSC2698 Nouveau Red Mica
2713, KZZA, KZZAXXA, XSC2713 Enzian Blau/Ontario Blue
2727, XSC2727 Garnet Red
2737, XSC2737 Mint Green Metallic
2743, XSC2743, YZ8C, YZ8CWWA Ash Black Metallic
2744, XSC2744 Loden Green Mica
2747, GAAN, XSC2747 Dark Aubergine Mica
2755, XSC2755 Nantucket Gray Metallic
2763, XSC2763 Petrol Blue Mica
2766, XSC2766 Damson Blue Pearl
2772, XSC2772 State Blue Mica
2776, XSC2776 Dark Maroon
2785, XSC2785 Candy White
2786, XSC2786 Windsor Blue Metallic
2787, XSC2787, YTKC Satin Silver Metallic
2790, XSC2790 Juice Green Pearl
2791, XSC2791 Sand Metallic
2794, XSC2794 Orange Bronze Metallic
2810, XSC2810 Samarkand Mica
2811, XSC2811 Bright Blue
2813, XSC2813 Belladonna
2833CM Mica Stone Metallic
2842, XSC2842 Autumn Green Mica
2858, MRSE, XSC2858 Cuirass Mica
2870, KEVC, XSC2870 Melina Blue Mica
6456, PB Jewel Green Metallic
6697, JR Midnight Red Pearl
6750 Cypress Gold Frost Mica
6766, DT440 Willow Frost Pearl
6819, AZ, CWHA, M6819A Aztec Gold Metallic
6820 Deep Navy Blue Metallic
6831, DT619 Dark Tourmaline Green Metallic
691A Diamantweiss
A2, M5858A Medium Walnut Metallic
A3 Beige Metallic
AV, M6403A Pawnee Tan
BA, M6818A Light Prairie Tan Metallic
BE New Sahara Gold Metallic
BF, M6750A Cypress Gold Metallic
BG, M6811A, XC1 Bright Amber Metallic
BKP, KDAD, KDBA, XSC1146 Genetian Blue/Gentian Blue
BS0 Smokestone Blue Metallic
BW, M1525A Special White
BY, M6284A, M6284F School Bus Yellow
BZ, M6675A Chrome Yellow
CC, M5466A Orange
CE, M6262A Dark Chestnut Metallic
CT, XSC2025A Alpaca Beige
CU Timberline Metallic
D8, M6810A Arctic Green Metallic
D9, M6809A Light Pine Green Metallic
DA, M6487A Cayman Metallic
DD, M6465A Mocha Frost Metallic
DK, M6612A Pumice Metallic
DR, M6755A Medium Saddle Metallic
DY, M6803A Light Saddle Metallic
DZ, M6754A Light Saddle Metallic
E4, M6470A Vermilion/Vermilion Red
E5 Hot Red
E8, M6496A Vermilion Red
E9, M6688A, M6898A Laser Red Metallic
EC, M6325A Currant Red
EDAF, XSC2741CM Jewel Violet Pearl
EG, M6425A Currant Red Metallic
EHT Coca Cola Red 2000
EN, M6697A Midnight Red Metallic
ES, M6729A, M6997A Performance Red
EU, M5681A Candyapple Red
EY, M6564A Performance Red
EZ Rio Red
F1, M6886A Vermilion
F7, M6817A Vermont Green Metallic
F8, M6813A Deep Evergreen Metallic
FE Evergreen Frost Mica
FE, M6641A Evergreen Frost Metallic
FL, M6758A Toreador Red Metallic
FN, M6800A Toreador Red Metallic
FR Hot Red Mica
FR Red Metallic
GP, M6709A Deep Iris Metallic
GS, M6701A Royal Plum Metallic
HA, M6718A Ivory Metallic
HB, M6804A Ivory
HL Laser Red Metallic
J Storm Gray Metallic
J6 Pacific Green Pearl
JA, M6704A Bright Sapphire Metallic
JB Toreador Red Metallic
JC, M6759A Desert Violet Metallic
JD Bright Sapphire Metallic
JJ Boysenberry Metallic
JK, M6760A Boysenberry Metallic
JL, M6771A Dark Toreador Metallic
JS, M6761A Thistle Metallic
K1, M6815A Light Denim Blue Metallic
K4, M6820A Deep Navy Blue Metallic
KBAV, XSC2236 Bahama Blue Metallic
KE, M6563A Lapis Metallic
KG, M6562A Medium Lapis Metallic
KH, M6556A Dark Lapis Metallic
KM, M6479A Royal Blue Metallic
KN, M6681A Dark Lapis Metallic
KU, M6802A Indigo Blue Metallic
KV, X2 Lapis Metallic
LD, M6763A Medium Wedgewood Metallic
LE, M6799A Royal Blue Metallic
LEQE Light Denim Blue Metallic
M1724A, YC Black
M5004A, MR Bahama Blue
M5920A, YO Oxford White
M6210A, YY White
M6347A, ZA Diamond White
M6373A, UA Ebony
M6414A, PA Deep Jewel Green Metallic
M6442A, YG Medium Titanium Metallic/Medium Titanium Met.
M6464A, PN Aquamarine Frost Metallic
M6466A, YZ White
M6505A, YN Silver Metallic
M6554A, WD Medium Opal Metallic
M6572A, NA Dark Tourmaline Metallic
M6585A, PC Reef Blue Metallic
M6597A, MC Light Smoke Metallic
M6623A, XC Portofino Blue Metallic/Portofino Metallic
M6630A, RD Teal Metallic
M6640A, WT Performance White
M6669A, WR Performance White Pearl
M6696A, ZL Nimbus Gray Metallic
M6708A, SL Light Willow Metallic
M6712A, MX7031037, TR, ZUTCWHA Medium Graphite Metallic
M6715A, SH Medium Willow Metallic
M6720A, TS Silver Frost Metallic
M6764A, PS Pacific Green Metallic
M6766A, SD Willow Frost Metallic
M6767A, SR Alpine Green Metallic
M6774A, ZR Ultra White
M6796A, WO Light Opal Metallic
M6797A, NB Dark Tourmaline Metallic
M6801A, PT Calypso Green Metallic
M6816A, UC Ebony Satin Metallic
M6875A, WZ Crystal White Metallic
M6877A, UD Ebony
M6887A, Z1 Oxford White
M6888A, ZT Colonial White
NX, PNX Laser Red Tint Pearl
P8 Pacific Green Metallic
PT Medium Calypso Metallic
SF Neat Green Metallic
SK Pacific Green Metallic
TU Silver Frost Metallic
UB Ebony
UCLE, UCLEWWA Silver Forst Metallic
W4 Performance White
WP Performance White/Vibrant White
XSC2251 Radiant Red
XSC2368 Amalfi Blue Metallic
XSC2489, XSC2489E Aporto Red
XSC2696 Cayman Blue Metallic
XSC2848 Astor Gray Metallic
YD Polar White

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John R, owner of a 1996 Ford F250 from Belleview, FL

I had to replace the front fender on my 96 Ford F250 due to some guy backing into it and leaving the scene. I went to several local body shops and the least expensive I could find to have it painted was over $500. I checked the local parts stores and none of them had to touchup to match the two colors on my old truck. I did some searching on the internet and found Automotivetouchup.com and figured I'd give them a try. I purchased a spray can on each color according to the paint code on the truck and a can of clearcoat. I am extremely satisfied with the results. I'm by no means a professional painter but the results look almost professional. Thanks Automotivetouchup.com If I need touchup paint in the future I know where I'll get it.

Neil P, owner of a 1996 Ford Thunderbird from Bandera, TX

I was very pleased with the color match of your paint I got to touch up the front and rear bumpers on the '96 Thunderbird I recently bought for my daughter. I will be ordering again to repair the bumper on our family's Dodge Grand Caravan.

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