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Make Note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
0632, XSC0632 Black
13, 14, M6041A Silver Metallic
18, M6091A Smoke Metallic
1B, M5874A Medium Charcoal Metallic
1C, C1, M1724A, Y4, YC Black
1D, M6044A, YW Smoke Metallic
1E, M5967A Silver Metallic
1F, M6021A, YR Smoke Metallic
1G, M6214A, YV Light Smoke Metallic
1J, M6045A Graphite Metallic
1K, M6062A, Z6 Smoke
1L, M6069A Crystal Metallic
1M, M5683A Light Charcoal
1Q, M5909A, YM Silver Metallic
1R, M6018A, YO Black
1V, M6117A Titanium Metallic
1Y, M5966A Dark Charcoal Metallic
1Z, M5872A Medium Charcoal Metallic
22, ET, M5696A Rangoon Red
23, M6103A Dark Canyon Red Metallic
27, M5734A Bright Red
28, M6110A Medium Canyon Red Metallic
2A Medium Canyon Red Pearl
2A, M5924A Medium Canyon Red Metallic
2B, 3, 6, M3560A Viking Red
2C, M5925A Mid Canyon Red Metallic/Midnight Canyon Red Metallic
2E, M5944A Light Canyon Red
2J, M5928A Mid Canyon Red/Midnight Canyon Red
2K, EU, M5681A Candyapple Red
2L, M5682A Maroon
2M, M6003A Medium Canyon Red Metallic
2R, M6002A Jalapena Red
2T, M6020A Dark Canyon Red Metallic
2V, ER, M6034A Bright Red
2W, 2Y, M6022A Mid Wine/Midnight Wine
33, M6111A Light Regatta Blue Metallic
34, M5981A Light Regatta Blue
37, M6112A Regatta Blue Metallic
3B, 3R, M6007A Mid Regatta Blue Metallic/Midnight Regatta Blue Metallic
3J, M6086A Light Regatta Blue Metallic
3L, M5616A Dark Blue Metallic/Mid Blue Metallic/Midnight Blue Metallic
3N, M5226A, P Light Blue
3N, M6027A Bright Dark Blue Metallic
3R, M6225A Medium Shadow Blue Metallic/Mid Shadow Blue Metallic/Midnight Shadow Blue Metallic
3S, M6004A Regatta Blue Metallic
3T, 6, I, M5004A, MR Bahama Blue
3U, M6008A, MO Mid Regatta Blue/Midnight Regatta Blue
3W, M5987A Medium Regatta Blue Metallic
3Y, M5986A Medium Regatta Blue Metallic
46, M6092A Light Aegean Metallic
48, M6093A Aegean Metallic/Medium Aegean Metallic
4E, M6009A Dark Sage
4F, M6073A Deep Aegean Metallic
4G, M6051A Aegean Metallic
4H, M6052A Medium Aegean Metallic
4J, M5731A Spruce Metallic
4M, M5985A Dark Slate Metallic
4R, M8482A Light Green Metallic
5, 61, M5148A Bold Orange
51, M5945A Medium Dark Fire Red
53, M5948A Medium Desert Tan
54, M6028A Bright Caramel Metallic
55, M6095A Medium Taupe Metallic
5A, M6057A Taupe
5B, M6094A Driftwood Metallic
5E, M6058A Light Taupe Metallic
5F, CC, M5466A Bright Orange
5H, M6059A Dark Taupe Metallic
5U, M5856A Dark Walnut Metallic
5Z, M6100A Light Chestnut Metallic
6052 Medium Aegean Metallic
6062 Smoke
6096 Medium Regatta Blue Metallic
691A Diamantweiss
6E, M5941A, Y2 Wheat Metallic
6M Omaha Orange
6N, M5733A Bright Yellow
6S, G, M1526A Chrome Yellow
6U, M5441A Tan
7, 9D, M5418A Herron White
7A, M6047A, MH Spinnaker Blue
7B, M6048A Shadow Blue Metallic
7C, M6049A Deep Shadow Blue Metallic
7D, L, M1237A, SD Holly Green
7J, M6096A Medium Regatta Blue Metallic
81, M6011A Dark Sable
84, M6035A Pastel Chamois
86, M5999A Medium Sand Beige
8A, M6068A Medium Sand Beige
8D, M6056A Deep Sandlewood Metallic
8E, M6105A Bright Copper Metallic
8L, M5978A Sand Beige
8P, M8372A Light Desert Tan Metallic
8Q, M5934A Light Desert Tan
8T, M6071A Medium Sandlewood Metallic
8U, M5974A Medium Sand Beige Metallic
8Y, M5973A Dark Sable Metallic
8Z, AR, M6114A Sandlewood Metallic
94, M6347A, ZA Diamond White
9A, M, M1619A Wimbledon White
9E, C, M1525A, YG Special White
9K, M6029A White
9L, M5920A, YO Oxford White
9M, M6210A, YY White
9N, AT, M5916A Desert Tan Metallic
9R, M6101A Graphite Metallic
9S, M5922A Walnut Metallic
9U, M6107A Dark Walnut Metallic
9V Light Charcoal Metallic
9Y, M5858A Medium Walnut Metallic
BKP, KDAD, KDBA, XSC1146 Genetian Blue/Gentian Blue
W6648F, WT6648 Yellow
WT2101 Gray

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Chad W, owner of a 1986 Ford from South Hutchinson, KS

This is my Dads 1986 Mustang GT he bought new he was hit two weeks after he got the car and was fixed by a shop in town. A few years ago it was hit in a parking lot and he did not have it fixed now I have the car and have all it needed was a new hood and paint. I did all the work and paint on the car and your paint is a perfect match. The paint from the body shop does not have a much metallic and if you look close at the car you could tell it was repainted. Your paint is spot on. I am going to repaint the over the old body shop paint in the future with your paint and the car should look as good as new. I know my dad would be very happy with the paint. Thanks Chad Wiechen

Jerry W, owner of a 1986 Ford from Richfield, WI

Thanks for your product, it worked as expected, even on an old 1986 Ford truck. Jerry

Dan T, owner of a 1986 Ford from Indianapolis, IN

For a car almost 30 years old the paint started to fade a tad on the roof. The paint I order matched perfectly and with the spray can attachment one would think a professional did the work. The wipes to clean the surface took all the wax off and made the paint attach even better that just hand washing.

Jerry N, owner of a 1986 Ford from Inman, SC

"I am very pleased with the paint. The color matched very good. I just order more paint to finish the job!" Jerry Newman

Don, owner of a 1986 Ford from Philadelphia, PA

I ordered two paints for 1986 Fords but I don't have an '86 Ford! I do have an antique car that was repainted in those colors back in that time period. Even the most pampered of antique cars can find itself in need of a little touch-up after almost 30 years. Automotive Touchup came through with two great color matches that they shipped very promptly. Well done, ATU!

Sam M, owner of a 1986 Ford from Mc Louth, KS

Repaired some rust spots on a old ford truck, paint was a great match. Very easy to order and was delivered quickly. Will order again when I have another project.

Mark P, owner of a 1986 Ford from Seaford, NY

Great match, glad to use your company will use you again in the future, thank you.

Norman M, owner of a 1986 Ford from Little Rock, AR

I was satisfied with the product it work well.

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