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Restore Your Toyota Finish In Two Steps

Select Your Toyota's Color (Step One)

AutomotiveTouchup paint products are custom mixed to perfectly match the color of your 2013 Toyota Camry using a basecoat/clearcoat system just like factory specs. To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code so you can find it on the chart below. The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. The code will have a C/TR in front of it. A typical code will look like C/TR: 1D4/FH13, and 1D4 would be the color code in this example. Click here for Toyota paint code location diagrams and label examples.

Chip Color Codes Color Description
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Super White II 040, 40 040, 40 Super White II
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Classic Silver Metallic 1F7 1F7 Classic Silver Metallic
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Magnetic Gray Metallic 1G3 1G3 Magnetic Gray Metallic
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Dark Steel Mica 1H2 1H2 Dark Steel Mica
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Attitude Black Metallic/Attitude Black Mica 218 218 Attitude Black Metallic/Attitude Black Mica
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Barcelona Red Mica 3R3 3R3 Barcelona Red Mica
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Sandy Beach Metallic 4T8 4T8 Sandy Beach Metallic
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Champagne Mica 5B2 5B2 Champagne Mica
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Cypress Mica 6T7 6T7 Cypress Mica
2013 Toyota Camry Touch Up Paint | Clearwater Blue Metallic 8W1 8W1 Clearwater Blue Metallic


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Why The Two-Step Paint System?

Your 2013 Toyota Camry is painted at the factory with a high quality basecoat/clearcoat system. This two-step paint system consists of step one, the basecoat, which is your car’s actual color, and step two, the clearcoat, the specially formulated clear paint that protects the base color and provides the luster and deep shine your vehicle came with when new. AutomotiveTouchup products faithfully reproduce your vehicle manufacturer’s basecoat/clearcoat system.

Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Thomas V, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from WI

Excellent coverage of scratches on the side of the car. Body shop estimate was over $1700 for the same results we achieved with the color coats and the clear coats. Thank you so much for making this product available!

John A, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Missouri

Sorry, no pictures. The parking lot damage to the rear bumper had torn 2 vertical strips. I used the flexible repair kit and then basecoat and clearcoat, and the damage is now invisible. I am not the most patient person, so bodywork is not my forte, but I persevered. I'm extremely happy with the results.

Loryn D, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Waco, TX

This is not the first time I have used your products, and it sure wont be the last! A customer of mine was backed into in the middle of the night and had some pretty nasty damage to his left fender! Ordered him a new fender and your Primer, Base coat and clear, along with the surface prep spray! Fender looks better than new! You have a customer for LIFE!!!

Justin B, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Whitehouse, TX

The paint laid down nice, color is close but not an exact match. Had to repaint rear facia after the wife backed into my truck and cracked the paint so you can see the difference in shade when I put it back together.

Steven O, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Bethesda, MD

The color match was as close as you could have gotten without a paint chip comparison. The vehicle has spent a lot of time in the sun, and I believe that to have been the problem. It definitely wasn't with your products. They were excellent quality, applied well, and were attractively priced.

Louis M, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Chesapeake, VA

Excellent paint match. Grandson replaced a broken mirror and matched the color very well with your paint. Looks better than other side. Total repair cost less than $100.

Greg M, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Camarillo, CA

Went to auto parts store and they did not have correct match. This company had it out to me within a week. Very reasonable price, too. Thanks

Roy L, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Garner, NC

The touch up can of spray paint for my 2013 Toyota Camry matched my vehicle perfectly and was very easy to apply. Great product. Roy

James M, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from NJ

First time user of automotive touchup company product. Bought 1/2 oz brush on, color match was perfect, fast delivery. Paint seems a little watery, worked well on horizontal surface, (hood chips), on vertical surface, (side of door) it has to be applied in two thin coats, but worked well. Would buy again.

Larry C, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Illinois

Ordered Toyota paint (040), adhesion promoter and urethane clear coat. everything went well, easy to use and excellent match.

William D, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Brookfield, WI

The 'Auto Store' paint choices are sparse. In the past I have taken up to three cans out of the store to put the cap color next to my car to try and get a close match - finished product never actually matches. And the spray cans have gone from 11oz to 8oz. We have an automotive paint supplier store in the area, but they want you to buy a minimum pint can before they will put into aerosol - this becomes expensive. I'm glad I discovered AutomotiveTouchup (wish they were around 30 years ago but better late than never). I painted the fog light surrounds to match the car and now I have a one-of-a-kind LOOK that is a Perfect Match!

Joy M, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Kewaskum, WI

A perfect match for the new side mirror that I replaced. I also touched up a little rust spot. For $44.00 in paint/clear coat and $42.00 for a new mirror I saved myself $400 over the cost of my insurance deductible to have it done. Thank you!

Mark, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from OH

Great products that match the paint. Very pleased with my results!

William S, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Madison, WI

The touch up paint did not match, however your staff is trying to correct the situation. Your follow up is great.

George D, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from San Antonio, TX

Great color match, looks as if I took it to a body shop. Price to repair bottom part of front bumper at a body shop, 395.00. Price to fix it using automotive touchup....39.00. Very happy customer

Laurie C, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Greenwood, IN

Perfect match! Had a rock skip across my hood and left severed small knicks. Covered them perfectly!

Mary A, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Eden Prairie, MN

The product was great--it just took quite awhile to get here--appreciated the tracking updates. M. Anderson

Paul B, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Worcester, MA

Right color, good container.

Toyota guy, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Bismarck, ND

Perfect Match. Really happy.

Carl T, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Berkeley, CA

Better than a hole in my bumper, thanks.

Robert L, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Manchester Township, NJ

The hard part is not to try to do the whole chip or scratch in one day. You have to take your time if the chip is deep. On my wife's car it was bumper scratches and a deep chip, on the the deep chip it took two coats a day [very light coats] for 4 or 5 days. You must must use the clear coat, I think you should white a week before putting a compound on it. DO NOT USE RUBBING COMPOUND IT MUST BE POLISHING COMPOUND. I was working with q tips and a razor blade and a rag your starting off with a great product, make the best of it ...good luck. PS. don't be cheap like I was I was working with a 1/2 oz.bottle,BUY MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED.....Bob Lerner

John L, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Hillsborough, NC

Your paint - base coat and clear coat - did a fantastic job on a minor repair to the very bottom of a front fender on my Camry. This small scratch in the paint was caused by a small projection from a curb and I had gotten too close, scratching the fender surface. I had an estimate on repair cost from a local repair shop - $ 604. I decided to do this myself and your paint proved to be ideal in the repair. I'd do it all over again if I had to. This was my first time with your paint but if needed, I'd do again. Thanks for such an excellent product. John

Anish, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from Cleveland, OH

Your products are simply phenomenal, and I absolutely mean it. The prices are reasonable, instructions are clear, and above all the relief of getting that black scratch cleared of my new car, absolutely priceless!

Happy Customer, owner of a 2013 Toyota Camry from North Carolina

Super fast reliable service. Thanks

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