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If you have any doubt about the color of your 2003 Volvo S80, please note: Click here for Volvo paint code location diagrams and label examples.

Choose Your Paint Color:

Chip Color Codes Color Description
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Black 019, 19 019, 19 Black
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | White 189 189 White
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Nautic Blue Metallic 417 417 Nautic Blue Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Mystic Silver Metallic 426 426 Mystic Silver Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Moondust Metallic 443 443 Moondust Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Ash Gold Metallic 446 446 Ash Gold Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Platinum Green Metallic 449 449 Platinum Green Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Cosmos Blue Metallic 450 450 Cosmos Blue Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Maya Gold Metallic 451 451 Maya Gold Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Black Sapphire Metallic 452 452 Black Sapphire Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | White Pearl 453 453 White Pearl
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Ruby Red Metallic 454 454 Ruby Red Metallic
2003 Volvo S80 Touch Up Paint | Titanium Gray Pearl 455 455 Titanium Gray Pearl


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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

George S, owner of a 2003 Volvo S80 from Lovettsville, VA

When I decided to fix the driver side mirror cover, my first inclination was to just go online and find a replacement for it. It was scratch and gouged from running into concrete pole in a garage. But when I saw the prices for this piece of plastic I looked elsewhere. I went back online and found that with some body putty and sandpaper I could smooth it out and then paint it. When it came to painting, I went to my nearby AutoZone and checked their paint choices but nothing came close to the color for my 2003 Volvo. They call it Platinum Green and it had to be a match. I had used Automotive Touchup on a previous car and was amazed at the match, it was perfect and with the additional coat of Clear Coat, it looked very professionally done. So when I had to paint the Volvo's outside mirror, I did not hesitate to go to Automotive Touchup for my paint and again, I was very pleased with the finished job. It looks great and I saved a lot of money. Great product, fast shipping and just the only choice in aftermarket automobile paint.

Al, owner of a 2002 Volvo S60 from Waukesha, WI

I'm very impressed on how this paint matched my original color, I bought a quart of base coat, quart of primer and a quart of clear to paint a used hood that i bought for my 2002 Volvo S60. My original hood opened up on me while driving because it didn't latched all the way. The hood I bought was a different color and the paint was peeling off, so I decided to sand it to bare metal and had to use a self etching primer because thats what you use with bare metal, then wet sand it down with 600 grit and after that I gave it another prime with the one I bought from you guys, then wet sanded again with 600 grit, then I cleaned the hood with a grease remover and sprayed three coats of base coat, waiting at least ten minutes between each coat. After that I sprayed three coats of clear coat and waited three days to get it color wet sanded with 2000 grit sand paper and buffed and polished it. I used a paint gun that I bought from craigslist for $25 and had a 25 gallon air compressor. I am really amazed on how shiny the paint looks and this is the first time I've painted before, I guess I did my homework well by watching youtube videos.

Paul F, owner of a 2002 Volvo S60 from Wilmington, DE

Great service work very well. Would buy product again.

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