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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

YY, owner of a 1997 Toyota Avalon from Florida

The ordered paint for the over-20-years car matches the car color in general, though not perfectly. The order was delivered in time. Good product and service over all.

Jon, owner of a 1997 Toyota Tacoma from TN

I wanted to fix a few rusted places on my 1997 Tacoma. About half of the body had been repainted due to some damage from 2 different small accidents in the last 3 years. I ordered what I needed from Automotive TouchUp and watched their great videos before undertaking the project. The color matched perfectly with the recently painted parts- which I find amazing. The one thing I did wrong was apply the clear coat when the humidity was too high, so it is not as clear as it could/should be, but that is totally my fault for not waiting for a dryer, less humid day to do it. It still looks really good and so much better than before.

Bernardo P, owner of a 1997 Toyota Tacoma from Sugar Land, TX

It was fine. I got the scratch kit for my old truck. The color was off, but I’m just assuming it’s because the paint on my car is old and faded. It came out ok for a work truck, but ppl with luxury cars might not like how it comes out since painting on the base coat and clear coat uses something similar to nail polish. Doesn’t make for smooth painting. Im fine with how mine came out because again I have a work truck.

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