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Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
139 Camargue
185 Beige Metallic
186 Houblon Metallic
187 Pierre De Lune Metallic
188 Bronze Metallic
189 Brun Cannelle Metallic/Canelle Nacre Metallic
190 Amande Metallic
209, 298 Vert Lichen Metallic
262 Gris Pluton Metallic
267 Noir Dore Nacre
271 Lavande Iris Metallic
274 Rouge De Mars Metallic
296 Vert Scarabee Metallic
297 Vert Lichen Metallic
302 Paille Metallic
306 Anis
314 Terre De Sienne Metallic
327 Orange
369 Blanc Glacier
377 Jaune Tournesol
414 Bleu Nattier Metallic
426 Bleu Ciel
427 Bleu Eole Metallic
432 Bleu Methyl Nacre
449 Bleu Sport Nacre
454 Bleu Egee Metallic
455 Bleu Nuit
456 Tobago Metallic
471 Bleu Volt Metallic
472 Blue Crepuscule Metallic
494 Bleu Corfou Metallic
495 Bleu Lumiere Metallic
496 Bleu Cyan
499 Blue Cobalt
531 Blanc Iritium
532, 533, 534 Blanc Nautique
535 Jaune Sport Metallic
541 Bleu Mandarin Metallic
544 Bleu Tibetain
546 Bleu Imperial Metallic
564 Gris Mercure Metallic
571, 8443 Rouge Apache
577 Amethyste Nacre Metallic
579 Rouge Semaphore
591 Vert Amazonie
597 Vert Fonce Metallic
598 Vert Bonzi
616 Gris Opale Metallic
630 Xerus Metallic
632 Boreal Metallic
640 Gris Iceberg Metallic
643 Gris Brume Metallic/Gris Meteore Metallic
647 Gris Titane Metallic
671 Nymphea Metallic
691 Rouge De Mars Metallic
694 Noir
701 Rouge Coquelicot Metallic
719, O719 Rouge Vif
731 Rouge Andalou
763 Rouge Etrusque
777 Rouge Persan Nacre/Rouge Persan Pearl
782 Cuivre
783 Rouge Nacre/Rouge Pearl
784 Bleu Illiade Nacre
786 Gris Acier Metallic
797 Rouge Corail
904 Meleze
910 Luzerne Metallic
920 Gris Fjord Metallic
925 Turquoise
931 Vert Tilleul Metallic
934 Vert Yanos
935 Vert Cedre Nacre
941 Vert Fidji Metallic
958 Meleze
963 Vert Anglais Metallic
974 Vert Ephemere Metallic
996 Vert Sequoia
A12 Beige
B14 Marron Callisto Metallic
B43 Bleu
B71 Rouge Metallic
B79 Rouge Garance Nacre
C67 Gris Olive Nacre
CNA Brun Cajou Metallic
D12 Beige Naturel Nacre
D13 Muage Nacre
D14 Cafe Nacre
D17 Marron Glace Nacre
D18 Bronze Dore Nacre
D19 Beige Sahara Nacre
D32 Jaune Mais
D33 Orange Malaga Nacre
D42 Bleu Navy
D60 Gris Lune Nacre
D61 Gris Technique Metallic
D69 Gris Platine Metallic
D71 Rouge Dore Nacre
D72 Cassis Nacre
D73 Rouge Flamboyant Metallic
D75 Rouge Volcan Nacre
D76 Violet Empereur Metallic
DNB Vert D'Eau Metallic
DNE Vert Goyave Metallic
DNK Vert Printemps Metallic
ENC Etincelle Nacre
ENG Jaune Agrume
ENJ Orange Cayenne/Orange Cayenne Nacre
ENR Jaune Vanille
F41 Breeze Blue Metallic
F43 Bleu Encre Metallic
F60 Gris Makaha Metallic
F61 Noir De Siam Metallic
F94 Vert Orion Nacre
F96 Vert Saule Metallic
F97 Live Pastel
F99 Vert Wright Nacre
GNA Noir Profond Nacre
H97 Vert Taiga Nacre
HNE Beige Kraft
HNK Beige Cendre Metallic
I43 Bleu Atoll
I44 Bleu Intense Nacre
I49 Bleu Profond Nacre
J37 Jaune Sirius Nacre
J41 Bleu Arctic Nacre
J42 Bleu Menthe De Nacre
J45 Bleu Dynamo
J47 Bleu Gris Metallic
J49 Bleu Onado
K43 Bleu Lumiere Metallic
K44 Bleu Volga
KNA Gris Comete Metallic
KND Gris Emerause Metallic
KNF Gris Emeraude
NNC, NNF Rouge Toro
NNG Rouge Pavot
RNA Bleu Extreme Nacre
RNC Bleu De Monaco Nacre
RND Bleu Alp
RNF Bleu Mineral Metallic
RNJ Bleu Stratus
RNK Bleu Iceberg Nacre
RNM Bleu Metallic
RNP Bleu Island Metallic
RNS Bleu Sapphire Metallic
RNX Bleu Surf Metallic
RNY Blue Pearl
RNZ Bleu Electrique Metallic
RPA Bleu Opalin Metallic

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Amy M, owner of a 1988 Chevrolet from Belleview, FL

The Automotive Touchup web site made it easy to find the touchup paint I needed for my 1988 S10 Chevy Blazer which was very hard to find elsewhere. The paint came in a matter of days and it matched perfectly. The paint and clear coat were easy to apply and I am confident it will maintain its quality in the future. ATU is a class act!

Wally, owner of a 2012 Cadilac SRX from Shoreview, MN

I purchased an aerosol each of Crystal Red and clear coat for repair to a scrape on the bumper of my wife's '12 SRX. Since it is a metallic color I was skeptical as to how it would blend when trying to spot in a section. I was pleasantly surprised with the results-the color was spot on and when polished down the clear blended perfectly.

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