Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1990 Mercedes-Benz Truck.

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Select the color for your 1990 Mercedes-Benz Truck below by clicking on any item in the corresponding row. After the color is selected, just click the "choose your color" button to see the products we offer with that color!

Make Note: The code on your identificaiton sticker will normally have many numbers in it with no prefix identifying a number as a paint code. The paint code will either be three or four digits. Some times the code will have a prefix of DB but this is not consistant. Click here for Mercedes Benz examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
1238, 238 Inkagelb
1604, 604 Kardinalgelb
205, 9205 Lkw Silber Metallic
206, 9206 Weissaluminium Metallic
277, 6277 Meergruen
328, 5328 Lkw Blau
6204 Patinagruen
6850, 850 Benzolgruen
7318 Achatgrau

Did you choose the wrong model? How about the 1990 Mercedes-Benz A Class, C Class, CL Class, CLC Class, CLK Class, CLS Class, E Class, G Class, GL Class, GLK Class, M Class, R Class, S Class, SL Class, or SLK Class?  If you're still not sure, take a look at our All 1990 Mercedes-Benz Models page.  Or, just go to our page dedicated to Mercedes-Benz Touch Up Paint

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Xiaoyu Y, owner of a 2009 Mercedes-Benz E Class from Basking Ridge, NJ

I ordered the spay paint, primer, and clear coat for my Mercedes. All came in a great package. The color matched perfectly. The primer and clear coat worked great as well. I would highly recommend Automotivetouchup!

Juan Z, owner of a 2010 Mercedes-Benz E Class from Lafayette, LA

Great match and sure beats the expense of a professional job. Thanks for a great product.

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