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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

George H, owner of a 1997 Lincoln Town Car from Pittsburgh, PA

I will upload pics as soon as it stops raining here. So I purchased color match paint from Automotive Touchup to color match a set of vent visors for a classic Lincoln Town Car. My fathers actually. It's a 1997 with the Arctic Blue Pearl Metallic. Yes a difficult color to match if you ask me. I also purchased the plastic adhesion promoter (highly recommend if painting any plastic parts). The color match paint was perfect. It is one of those paints that looks silver at first but has a real light blue effect. I am so impressed with this company. I highly recommend purchasing through them. The value is worth it and their prices are reasonable. I am so happy with the paint they made us. We will be loyal customers for years to come. Thanks All.

Matt Sr, owner of a 1997 Lincoln Town Car from Pittsburgh

These guys did a great job delivering a product of high quality that matched my paint color perfectly. The price is reasonable also. I saw a review that a fella had complained about the total cost of his order due to shipping/handling cost. I just wanted to saw as a small business owner myself with an online sales presence. The shipping costs are due to the rates of the shipping carrier. No fault of the company you are buying items from.

Eric G, owner of a 1997 Lincoln Town Car from Granby, MA

I'm cutting my teeth on automotive finishing, and the products have been very good to work with so far. The paint seems to match very well considering the car is almost 20 years old. Now I just have to hone my technique a bit to get a totally hidden repair. Thanks for being a great company, and making this level of product available for DIY'ers. Eric G.

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