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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Paul R, owner of a 1997 Lincoln Continental from Franklin, WI

Matches perfect cannot tell from the rest of the car. I am not very skilled at painting. Your paint makes me look like a professional.

Jackie B, owner of a 1997 Lincoln from Uniontown, OH

I loved the fast delivery and the color match was spot on. I did many light coats waiting in between for them to dry. The next day I sprayed the finish coat on in many light sprays waiting in between for this to dry. My car has a high gloss paint finish. The area that I painted doesn't have the same high gloss. How long should I wait to wax this area? The car looks really great and I am glad that you could match the color. [ATU Note: Don't wax it, you need to apply 3-4 wet but not drippy coats of clear, not light coats on the clearcoat layer. Then wait one month to wax.]

Sandra G, owner of a 1997 Lincoln Continental from Riverside, CA

Paint matched perfectly; service a little slow.

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