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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Gary A, owner of a 1977 Lincoln from Melcher Dallas, IA

Hi the last can of paint was a great match. Thanks so much! Gary A.

Tom D, owner of a 2004 Lincoln LS6 from East Weymouth, MA

Colors matched perfectly and after I applied the clearcoat I cannot even tell where my lincoln was scratched. I had purchased touchup paint from Ford and it was so far off even though the color codes matched I threw that paint away.

Sam D, owner of a 2004 Lincoln Town Car from Stewart, TN

Thank you for sending me the touch up pencil of the Lincoln GT color. When the weather gets above freezing, I look forward to using the pencil. Your concern to customer satisfaction is greatly appreciated. It is a rare occasion to find any dealer that will go out of their way to make the customer happy, and I thank you for that. I will certainly pass along my satisfaction to any and all of my friends. Thanks again, Sam Davidson

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