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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Pamela O, owner of a 2005 Lincoln Aviator from Missoula, MT

Well, my husband decided to power wash my Lincoln SUV. He used the high power nozzle up close and ripped off the paint about six inches long. Very noticeable and ugly. I used the mixed paint for the color of my SUV and wow! You can hardly see where the paint was ripped off. You have to get up close to even see where it might have been. Looks great! Color matched perfect. I ordered the same paint for my sons Tundra.

Howard Beatty, owner of a 2005 Lincoln Aviator from Rochester, NY

I was, am, very satisfied with the color match provided for our 2005 Lincoln Aviator. I used the primer and basic color required and wish I had also ordered the clear coat which I believe I need to do to make the application a complete match. Howard Beatty Rochester, New York

Mark M, owner of a 2005 Lincoln Town Car from San Antonio, TX

The color, primer and clear coat bottles were the right size for my needs. Following your web based instructions made things a lot easier for me. My only concern was in preparing my car for touch up, the key was getting the area to be touched up prepared. In my case, if the scratch did not go down to the metal, a touch up was easy. If the scratch went down to the metal and the primer was also scratched away, then preparing that area took a lot more time and error to get the ideal result. MOST of my touch ups looked great; a couple not so but I could live with it. The paint, primer and clear are all holding well and I would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone. Mark

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