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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Richard F, owner of a 2011 Kia Forte from Winder, GA

Great service. Paint matched perfectly. Outstanding. These guys rock. Thanks so much.

Roscoe L, owner of a 2011 Kia Soul from Federal Way, WA

It was a perfect match. I was worried about the color match I am 100% satisfied.

Jerry S, owner of a 2011 Kia Sorento from Buffalo, NY

The color is not an exact match which is what I expected since my suv is 6 years old, it is however close, my personal opinion is that a touch up is a exactly that....a touch up. Unless you paint cars for a living I think it is impossible to have the results look like new. My primary purpose of buying the product was to help ward off the possibility of rust, which this should do. As for the finished results, if you are looking for a like new finish I recommend getting it done by a professional, if however all you are trying to do is prolong your vehicle from rusting then this is a sufficient way to go, the finish will not be perfect but good enough at least for me.

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