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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Jay B, owner of a 2014 Honda Accord from Denver, CO

Good products. Touch up project on my plastic bumper cover was completely successful, except where I didn't sand enough.

Wolfgang V, owner of a 2014 Honda Accord from College Station, TX

Good stuff. I hesitated because of so poor reviews I found on Google. However, for 30 bucks I decided to try my luck. I ordered two different colors one for a maroon Accord 2014, one for a red prius 2011 as well as priming grey and clear gloss. The colors arrived some 10 days after purchase. Honda matches perfectly, Prius I messed up - I ordered the wrong color. The honda color after touching-up is the exact color tone! However, it is noticeably "matt" compared to the original. I did also order the glossy topping but have not given it a shot just yet. Overall I can say it looks 1000000 times better than with the white/gray scratches it had before. :) I am very pleased and I am hopeful as soon I applied some of the clear coating it will just like the original paint.

Neil B, owner of a 2014 Honda from Minneapolis, MN

The Wife bought a 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid a year ago. We live in Minneapolis Minnesota where we have two seasons for driving, Winter and road construction. September of 2017 while she was driving down the freeway there was a loud bang, asked if I look at her car. She noted that her car seems to drive OK. Her car drove great, however I could see that something like a large rock had hit the hood of her car. The rock had gone all the way through to the metal and I needed to use body putty. Checking the rest of the hood it was speckled with chips all over. So I ordered two cans of spray paint from Automotive Touchup since I have had good luck with the paint matching. I have a heater in my garage, but its an attached garage so some of the paint fumes can make it into the house between coats, I needed it warmer outside to vent the house. As things would have it we had 20 inches of snow 2ed week in April so still too cold. Plus the Wife's car is always on the go, I needed to make an appointment to work on it. Today 4/20/2018 was the day to paint the car. All the paint chips repaired and sanded, weather going to hit a high of 50 deg F and no snow. In 2-1/2hr I managed to get 3 coats of paint and 3 coats of a 2K clear coat. I had made a spray booth out of my garage, just taken down all the plastic and masking off the car. Came back in the house to get the keys to move her car back to her side of the garage and bring my car in from outside to my side. The Wife asked how's the paint working. I told her she can have a look. She had said it looked OK before. She opened the door to the garage and said Wow! Thank You Automotivetouchup! It was a long Winter, the Paint matched was perfect and the car hood got a WOW!

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