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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Jason W, owner of a 2009 GMC Sierra from Rochester Hills, MI

The paint was an exact match! Very happy with the results! Thank you Automotive Touch Up!

Richard M, owner of a 2009 GMC Sierra from Walpole, MA

Hi your paint was a perfect match. My 3rd middle brake/cab light was leaking and it cause a minor but blistering/rusting of the paint around the lens. Using your products I sanded the rust areas down as best I could, I then used a rust converter product to provide some assurance that the rust was stopped then brushed on your primer, several coats. I sanded the primer and sprayed on the base coat, again several coats and then sprayed the clear coat(several coats). Other than some over spray of the clear coat ( looks like a matt finish) on some of the finish that I was not touching up the repair looks perfect! I expect that I will be able to buff out the area of over spray. It did take me 2 tries as the first attempt I had cleanly masked off the area and ended up with lines of paint that were slightly off so I cleaned it off with acetone, removed the masking and just sprayed, feathering off at the edges... this gave a superb blended finish... I only kept the masking covering the back window to protect it from the over-spray. Thank you for a great product. I know this saved me hundreds of dollars... next I will be working on the front cab lights as there is blistering/rusting of the paint around the center light. Rick from Massachusetts

Daniel G, owner of a 2009 GMC Sierra from Thibodaux, LA

I have to say that my color was a perfect match. I was complimented twice on the paint job. I painted the whole side panel of a short bed pick up. And I'm going to do the same to the other side when the weathers right. Thank You for quality color matching.

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