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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Craig , owner of a 1990 GMC from MN

I continue to trust Automotive Touchup paints & clearcoats to match colors. Automotive Touchup paint matches are far superior to 3 other brands I used in the past. My last order was the 4th time I have ordered from Automotive Touchup covering 4 different vehicles & colors. It's money well spent!

PJ Mc, owner of a 1990 GMC from Chicago, IL

Honestly, Automotive Touchup is the place to go for the authentic GM paint colors. I went to at least four places on the internet looking for the exact paint color for my car. A lot of people couldn't match but said it would be "close enough". I should have gotten more cans but I made do with what I had. I like that I was able to get the paint the way I want it..I needed cans and other places would charge a lot for paint in a can that wasn't the exact color. I want this place to stay. Everyone was friendly, I only had to make one call, the paint didn't take long to arrive either. I would recommend this to anyone who has lost patience trying to find the exact paint the vehicle left the factory with. These people are great.

William C, owner of a 1991 GMC Full Pickup from Lyons, NY

I have a 1991 GMC pickup in red and silver. Red is always hard to match but the paint from AutomotiveTouchup is always a perfect match. Along with the paint is a perfect spray nozzle to reduce over spray so claying is minimal. I am again totally satisfied with the paint and am as usual amazed at it compared to the generic sprays in automotive stores. Just try it once and be amazed also.

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