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If you have any doubt about the color of your 2013 Ford F550, please note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Choose Your Paint Color:

Chip Color Codes Color Description
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Oxford White 4WFA, 4WFAXWA, M6887A, Z1 4WFA, 4WFAXWA, M6887A, Z1 Oxford White
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Blue Jeans Metallic DDVEWHA, DDVEXWA, M7291A, N1 DDVEWHA, DDVEXWA, M7291A, N1 Blue Jeans Metallic
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Nx Green Gem 2 Metallic DGXEWHA, DGXEXWA, M7296A, W6 DGXEWHA, DGXEXWA, M7296A, W6 Nx Green Gem 2 Metallic
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Vermilion F1, M6886A, W4665 F1, M6886A, W4665 Vermilion
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Autumn Red Metallic GT GT Autumn Red Metallic
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Kodiak Brown Metallic J1 J1 Kodiak Brown Metallic
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Pale Adobe Metallic LQ LQ Pale Adobe Metallic
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Blackout M6388G M6388G Blackout
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Ingot Silver Metallic M7226A, UX M7226A, UX Ingot Silver Metallic
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Ruby Red Metallic RR RR Ruby Red Metallic
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | White Platinum Pearl UG UG White Platinum Pearl
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Tuxedo Black Metallic UH UH Tuxedo Black Metallic
2013 Ford F550 Touch Up Paint | Sterling Gray Metallic UJ UJ Sterling Gray Metallic


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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Thomas V, owner of a 2012 Ford Flex from WI

2012 Ford Flex Color Code RZ (Candy Apple Red w/White top).......... Bumper blemishes and door dings were primary reasons for repairs......................... Color match is good but requires some "technique" to get hue correct. If you paint a very wet color coat, the metallic (or mica) tends to lay flat and shift the color slightly darker. Spraying a dry coat brightens up the color to match the factory color with very good results. Let the base coat dry thoroughly before adding the clear. Clear can be applied in several coats with adequate dry time in between. I used a hair dryer gun to hurry along the clear coat applications. This will warm the panel which helps dry time and is good on more humid days. Warm the panel slightly before applying and then after it has set up a bit. If you can, warm the panel from the back side. I used a Turtle Wax polishing compound afterward to buff out over spray. I also used the color base and clear coat to touch up tiny door edge chips and dings. These I filled a bit with a glazing compound first and then used the spray can's lid and a Q-tip to dab in the base coat and later the clear coat finish. This worked fine. We had no 'dents' to fill on our car, just usual parking lot wear and tear. Car now looks as good as new. Without a magnifying glass nobody will ever notice these simple repairs have been done. Great product, excellent delivery and a very good price.

Kat K, owner of a 2012 Ford Explorer from Oak Ridge, NJ

Very pleased with the color match of the 2 oz. bottle I purchased.

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