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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Richard R, owner of a 2007 Ford Ranger from Buffalo, NY

I've your products on other vehicles and am always pleased with the results. Another plus is shipping is very good. I just hate going to parts stores anymore, it's just a hassle.

Mark P, owner of a 2007 Ford Explorer from Milwaukee, WI

I ordered the touch up paint then had to wait for the weather to warm up to use it. I was quite pleased with the color match. Took me a little practice to get my technique, but the touch job look good. I had gotten a little too much paint in one spot but with a little lacquer thinner I cleaned it up so I could start over. Thanks for the fine product

Norm, owner of a 2007 Ford Edge from Lenexa,Ks

Every company is good when everything goes according to plan. It is when they don't that says something. The clearcoat can leaked. I called support. The guy was polite and sent out a replacement that day. He also gave me great instructions on how to use it. The color was off. I sprayed the card. Mailed it to them. They sent me a sample for me to approve. I approved it and they shipped it the same day. I'm impressed!

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