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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Todd K, owner of a 1967 Ford from Wheeling, WV

I am using this paint to generate a sample as I am trying to select a paint color for my Factory Five Cobra that is ready for paint. This company give such a massive array of color options, it is by far the bet site on the internet.

Stanley M, owner of a 1967 Ford from Oregon

Absolute hands down the best aerosol paint if ever seen or used. I've been using aerosol paints since I was a kid and now have 50 years experience with aerosol paints. I'm just the average Joe building a car in the garage which is in the finishing stages of completion, it's a Wimbledon White 1967 Mustang Fastback. During the assembly process you tend to come across parts and pieces that you should of had painted. What has really impressed me is the engineering behind how the paint is delivered from the can. The nozzle directs the paint in a vertical extremely thin pattern which nearly makes it impossible to over apply paint even on the most smallest of pieces. Your product is saving me at least a month in assembly time as i don't have to depend or WAIT! on the paint shop to put the additional parts into their schedule for painting. The color match is absolutely perfect. From the average Joe down the street and this being my 2nd time ever in my life leaving a comment about a product (the other being my riding mower) I am absolute impressed and sold on your product. What else can is say about a product that goes on easy, drys very fast, has a good hard finish, it's matches perfectly and you can paint it and install it all on the same day. Great Product, Stan

Guy M, owner of a 1967 Ford from Maiden Rock, WI

As always..A GREAT match up..!

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