Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1954 Ford All Models

Select the color of your vehicle from the table below.

If you have any doubt about the color of your 1954 Ford All Models, please note: The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. Click here for the Ford paint code location chart and paint code image example.

Choose Your Paint Color:

Chip Color Codes Color Description
1954 Ford All Models Touch Up Paint | Glacier Blue C, M2J184 C, M2J184 Glacier Blue
1954 Ford All Models Touch Up Paint | Sea Haze Green H, M2J258 H, M2J258 Sea Haze Green
1954 Ford All Models Touch Up Paint | Meadow Green M14283, U M14283, U Meadow Green
1954 Ford All Models Touch Up Paint | Colony Blue/Sheridan Blue M14285 M14285 Colony Blue/Sheridan Blue
1954 Ford All Models Touch Up Paint | Torch Red M20J175, N M20J175, N Torch Red
1954 Ford All Models Touch Up Paint | Dovetone Gray M2J238 M2J238 Dovetone Gray
1954 Ford All Models Touch Up Paint | Goldenrod Yellow M30J358, X M30J358, X Goldenrod Yellow


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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Darel J, owner of a 1954 Ford from Lancaster, PA

I ordered 3 spray cans of paint for my 54 Ford Custom-line and the color matched very good .The only thing I had a problem with was that I did not order their clear coat and used a Rustoleum clear coat I had in my stock and it would not cover evenly so I would say you should use Automotive Touchups clear coat which I need to order. I will need to sand the clear coat and repaint and clear coat again with their product as they advice you to do. GET THEIR CLEAR COAT. I will buy this again with out any hesitation in the future. A very satisfied customer.

Joe C, owner of a 1955 Ford from Prosper, TX

The Aquatone Blue was a perfect match. The Waterfall Blue was another story. When the Waterfall Blue went on "wet", it looked like it might match, but as soon as it dried, it was obviously too dark. However, I am grateful that I was able to buy touch up paint for colors that are long outdated. The Aquatone Blue, however, is superb. [ATU Note: Clearcoat would keep it looking wet forever, and it would have then matched.]

Vic B, owner of a 1955 Ford from Minden, NV

I was looking for touch up paint for my 1955 Ford Country Sedan and found "AutomotiveTouchup" on the Web. The 2 ounce bottles arrived quickly but one of the bottle caps was loose and some of the paint was all over the plastic bag. I was still able to use what remained of the paint though. The car has had a repaint so one of the colors didn't match, but again, that wasn't AutomotiveTouchups' fault. Thanks for your help! [ATU's Note: The product should not be leaking, please call in to have it replaced. I'm sure we can help tint the color that is a little off too.]

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