Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1998 Dodge All Models.

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Make Note: 2007 and newer Dodge models usually have the paint code in the door jamb. Most paint codes are three digits long and start with a P or Q and contains letters and/or numbers. Click here for more Dodge paint code locations and paint code images.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
A25, AC11225 Moonshine Pearl
A52, AC11052 Silver Mist Pearl
A87, AC11187 Pewter Blue Pearl
AC10812, AY110GW7, AY95GW7, DT1655, GW7, PW7, W12 Bright White
AC10987, PRB, R87 Indy Red/Radiant Red
AC11156, G56 Polo Green Pearl
AC11188, P88 Paprika Red Pearl
AC11223, S23 Caffe Latte Metallic
AU106LRN, PRN Viper Red
AU106MJE, PJE Dandelion Yellow/Viper Bright Yellow
AU107VA9, PA9 Viper Silver Metallic
AY110DX8, DT4014, PX8 Black
AY110PR4, AY95PR4, DT3521, PR4 Flame Red/Poppy Red
AY110RC4, PC4 Lapis Blue
AY110SW1, AY95SW1, PW1 Stone White
AY111MS4, AY96MS4, PS4 Bright Platinum Metallic
AY111TTK, PTK Taupe Frost Metallic
AY111VLB, PLB Cinnamon Glaze Metallic
AY111VTE, PTE Champagne Pearl
AY112PC5, PC5 Light Iris Metallic
AY112PRE, PRE Strawberry Metallic
AY112SG8, DT9307, PG8 Forest Green Pearl
AY112TCN, DT8978, PCN Deep Amethyst Pearl
AY112VAW, AY97VAW, PAW, QAW, VAW Dark Slate Pearl/Deep Slate Pearl
AY112VB3, AY97VB3, DT8987, DT8988, PB3 Intense Blue Pearl
AY112VGT, PGT Alpine Green Pearl
AY112VMT, PMT Deep Cranberry Pearl
AY113SPJ, PPJ Island Teal Metallic
AY113SQM, DT9306, PQM Bright Jade Satin Metallic
AY120RH2, PH2 Candyapple Red Metallic
AY126SWP, PWP Golden White Pearl
AY96PGF, DT7987, PGF Emerald Green Metallic/Emerald Green Pearl
DT1649, PW6 Bright White
DT1674, PSC Light Arctic Gray
DT2703, PFA Driftwood Satin Metallic/Light Driftwood Metallic
DT2709, PFK, QFK Driftwood Satin Metallic
DT3517, PR8 Director Red Metallic
DT3518, PE1 Colorado Red
DT3522, PRF Metallic Red
DT3533, PRC Metallic Red Pearl
DT3539, PMD Medium Red Metallic
DT3548, PEA Chili Pepper Red Pearl
DT4004, PX9 Black
DT6662, PU3 Dark Chestnut Pearl
DT6663, PU1 Dark Chestnut Pearl
DT7981, PG4 Hunter Green Metallic
DT7991, PGS Emerald Green Metallic/Emerald Green Pearl
DT8964, PPK Light Spruce
DT8965, PPG Dark Spruce Metallic
DT8979, PCU Deep Amethyst Pearl
Two Tone Color Combination - DT7991
DT2709, PFK, QFK Driftwood Satin Metallic
DT7991, PGS Emerald Green Metallic/Emerald Green Pearl
Two Tone Color Combination - PGS
DT2709, PFK, QFK Driftwood Satin Metallic
DT7991, PGS Emerald Green Metallic/Emerald Green Pearl

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Edward B, owner of a 1999 Dodge Van from Redford, MI

My van color is hunter green. The automotive stores around my area discontinued carrying it and the Dodge dealer told me that it is a discontinued color. No longer available. Found Automotive Touchup and they matched the color so good, that I am a believer in buying paint that will match to the exact color of the van. You got my business in the future. In addition the paint spray can is so easy to use and spray. I received my order in no time, very good.

Dale M, owner of a 1999 Dodge Ram Truck

Great match.

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