Choose your Automotive paint color for your 2008 Daihatsu Tanto.

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Make Note: Most Daihatsu paint codes are located on the center or passenger side of the firewall. Click here for a Daihatsu paint code location chart.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
2008 Daihatsu Tanto Touch Up Paint | Light Rose Metallic MK9, T16 MK9, T16 Light Rose Metallic
2008 Daihatsu Tanto Touch Up Paint | Black Mica N05, X05 N05, X05 Black Mica
2008 Daihatsu Tanto Touch Up Paint | Orange Metallic R44 R44 Orange Metallic
2008 Daihatsu Tanto Touch Up Paint | Silver Metallic S28 S28 Silver Metallic
2008 Daihatsu Tanto Touch Up Paint | Champagne Metallic T17 T17 Champagne Metallic
2008 Daihatsu Tanto Touch Up Paint | White Pearl W16 W16 White Pearl
2008 Daihatsu Tanto Touch Up Paint | Black Mica X07 X07 Black Mica

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Michael M, owner of a scratch-free car from Florida

I have ordered from this company twice so far and am fully satisfied. The paint seems identical to the paint it is intended to match. They advise me when the item has shipped and provide a tracking number. Prices seem quite reasonable.

Bryan R, owner of a 1972 MGB from Malden, MA

This 2014 D7 ford sunset metallic color was used on a custom application on my 1972 MGB engine compartment after removing MG motor and painted the sunset metallic color using the aerosol system before installing a chevy motor. The red primer went on flawless great adhesion and original color coverage drying time very fast between coats. The aerosol base coat of sunset metallic went on evenly with good coverage and good drying times before revolting. The aerosol clear went on like glass really making the metallic sunset color come to life good depth and shine using multiple coats. Taking in mind preperation is everything in a good painting result. My engine compartment on my 72 MGB roadster came out so well considering it was done with aerosol can that I was asked who painted my project car. Once engine is installed I willl have complete rest of roadster painted the same d7 sunset metallic 2014 Ford Taurus color. Beautiful Color and the sunlight enhances the depth color changes and sparkle to it.

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