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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Michael S, owner of a 2010 Chrysler Town & Country from Levittown, NY

This is the second order from Automotive Touch up. My first was for a 2000 Malibu bumper. The Match was perfect. My spraying skills at the time were decent & you really can't tell the difference. THis order was for a Light blue metallic color on my wifes Van bumper. I ordered a new bumper cover Online . What I really liked was the thorough instructions and all of the supplies I needed to do the job came in the box. WIth my new Graco pro HVLP spray set up it came out like OEM.

Grant , owner of a 2010 Chrysler Town & Country from CA

I had a dimple and pain chip in one of the doors. A professional shop estimated the repair cost to be about $1,200.00. I contacted a mobile repair guy who removed the dimple for $150. He said he didn't think much of the after-market touch-up paints because they "never matched". He was amazed that the color was true and the repair is NOT noticeable. I saved over $1,000.00 with your product. Thank you!

Courtney K, owner of a 2010 Chrysler Town & Country from Michigan

The match was perfect, even with a Chrysler metallic sparkle color. It worked out perfect and I had extra to fix a new spot when the rear fender rubber the garage door jumped out and rubbed the passenger side rear. You product made it easy and great looking to fix both the rust and the rubspot. And I still have more for the next time something jumps out at the van.

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