Choose your Automotive paint color for your 1988 Chevrolet All Models.

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Select the color for your 1988 Chevrolet All Models below by clicking on any item in the corresponding row. After the color is selected, just click the "choose your color" button to see the products we offer with that color!

Make Note: The color code will be located on a sticker named Parts Identification. The code can start with BC/CC followed by a U, or a WA with a four digit number/letter combination. We use the WA format for simplicity, your code may have a U. WA8555 is the same as U8555. Click here for Chevy paint code location chart and paint code label examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
0049P1 Metallic Silver
10, 9225, WA9225 White
11, 3967, WA3967 White
11U, 9525, WA9525 White
12, 5111, WA5111 White
12, 5111, WA5111 Frost White/Linen White/Yellow White
12C, 9284, WA9284 Silver Metallic
13, 13L, 13U, 7781, WA7781 Silver Metallic
13S, 9021, WA9021 Silver Metallic
13U, 9114, 9297, WA9114, WA9297 Silver Metallic
14, 5281, WA5281 Silver Metallic
14, 8767, WA8767 Black Metallic
15, 8573, WA8573 Medium Gray Metallic
15, 8914, WA8914 Silver Metallic
15C, 9285, WA9285 Medium Gray Metallic
18, 8913, 9150, WA8913, WA9150 Black Metallic
18U, 9289, WA9289 Medium Gray Metallic
19, 5118, WA5118 Black
20, 8555, WA8555 Black
20, 8770, WA8770 Nassau Blue Metallic
21, 7470, WA7470 Light Blue Metallic
22, 22U, 8533, WA8533 Light Blue Metallic
22, 8860, WA8860 Light Huron Blue Metallic
23, 7154, WA7154 Medium Blue
24, 9222, WA9222 Bright Blue Metallic
24C, 9346, WA9346 Bright Blue Metallic
24U, 9522, WA9522 Blue Metallic
25, 8574, WA8574 Light Blue Metallic
25, 9211, WA9211 Medium Sapphire Blu Metallic/Medium Sapphire Blue Metallic
26, 8964, WA8964 Light Sapphire Blue Metallic
26C, 9381, WA9381 Light Sapphire Blue Metallic
28, 8264, WA8264 Dark Blue Metallic
29, 7349, WA7349 Dark Blue
29C, 9382, WA9382 Dark Sapphire Blue Metallic
30, 8861, WA8861 Dark Huron Blue Metallic
31, 8592, WA8592 Dark Blue Metallic
32, 8866, WA8866 Medium Brown Metallic
32, 9006, WA9006 Mid Sand Gray Metallic/Midnight Sand Gray Metallic
33, 9022, WA9022 Light Driftwood Metallic
33U, 9072, WA9072 Light Brown Metallic
34, 9208, WA9208 Light Mesa Brown Metallic
36, 9210, WA9210 Dark Hunter Green Metallic
37, 9219, WA9219 Light Mesa Brown
39, 9221, WA9221 Dark Mesa Brown Metallic
41 Black
44, 7964, WA7964 Forest Green Metallic
46, 7156, WA7156 Woodland Green
49, 9224, WA9224 Gold Metallic
50, 8624, WA8624 White
51, 8929, WA8929 Yellow Gold
5108, 88, WA5108 Tangier Orange
5108, 88, WA5108 Omaha Orange
52, 8973, 9179, WA8973, WA9179 Copper Beige
52, 9008, WA9008 Gold Metallic
5247, 87, WA5247 Wheatland Yellow
52W, 9319, WA9319 Copper Beige
55, 8591, WA8591 Russet Metallic
57, 9180, WA9180 Light Beechwood Metallic
5704, 93, WA5704 Polar White
57C, 9278, WA9278 Light Beechwood Metallic
58, 8575, WA8575 Light Chestnut Metallic
58, 8865, WA8865 Light Sandstone Metallic
59, 9181, WA9181 Dark Beechwood Metallic
59C, 9279, WA9279 Dark Beechwood Metallic
60, 8920, WA8920 Tan
61, 8265, WA8265 Tan
62, 8817, WA8817 Light Sandstone Metallic
63, 9188, 9538, WA9188, WA9538 Medium Orange Metallic
65U, 9073, WA9073 Medium Brown Metallic
66, 8267, WA8267 Dark Brown Metallic
66, 9189, WA9189 Russet Metallic
67, 8799, WA8799 Saddle Metallic
68, 9212, WA9212 Dark Saddle Metallic
69, 8598, WA8598 Dark Brown Metallic
70, 8530, WA8530 Carmine
70, 8832, WA8832 Red
70C, 9524, WA9524 Carmine
71, 7753, WA7753 Red Orange
71, 79, 8066, WA8066 Dark Carmine
71, 8772, WA8772 Medium Red Metallic
72, 7475, WA7475 Bright Red
7382, 80, WA7382 Slate Gray
73U, 9287, WA9287 Medium Red Metallic
73W, 9321, WA9321 Brilliant Red
74, 9535, WA9535 Flame Red Metallic
75, 8537, WA8537 Blaze Red
75, 8919, WA8919 Red Metallic
75, 8980, WA8980 Medium Garnet Red Metallic
75C, 9277, WA9277 Medium Garnet Red Metallic
77, 9154, WA9154 Dark Garnet Red Metallic
78, 8800, WA8800 Dark Maple Metallic
78, 8986, WA8986 Medium Rosewood Metallic
78C, 9280, WA9280 Medium Rosewood Metallic
79, 8529, WA8529 Dark Red Metallic
80, 8992, WA8992 Light Rosewood Metallic
81U, 9521, WA9521 Bright Red
82, 8990, WA8990 Medium Rosewood Metallic
8237, 89, WA8237 Autumn Maple Metallic
83, 8915, WA8915 Gunmetal Metallic
86, 9014, WA9014 Wheatland Yelow
8798, 90, WA8798 Gray Metallic
8807, 8867, 96, WA8807, WA8867 Silver Metallic
8815, 95, WA8815 Garnet Red Metallic
8863, 98, WA8863 Black Sapphire Metallic
89, 9013, WA9013 Tangier Orange
90, 9191, WA9191 Medium Smoke Gray Metallic
9288, WA9288 Light Blue Metallic

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Scott S, owner of a 1988 Chevrolet from Tucson, AZ

Automotivetouchup.com spray paint is VERY controllable, goes on evenly and dries quickly. Spot painting chips, nicks, scratches and larger areas are easily covered. Color is nearly identical, considering the truck has the original paint from 1988, close enough--hard to tell the difference unless you look closely in high lit areas. Clearcoating was a problem. That seems the tricky part. The spray is controllable, but can bunch over older paint due to wax buildup. Drips were unavoidable, but worked them out with sandpaper. After wet sand, polishing 3 step process and wax looks great!

Scott S, owner of a 1988 Chevrolet from Tucson, AZ

Since this is my first attempt at touching up an entire vehicle, there's definitely a learning curve to doing the job properly (1st is a NIOSH rated mask and goggles for safety). And there are many ways to do this job, my 88 Chevy P/U was a good pick for repaint with lots of scratches, divots, etc. I chose to spot paint small isolated divots, area paint other strips like the front of the hood with hundreds of divots and inside the P/U load box. The trick is getting the exact color which I received from AutomotiveTouchup and EXTREME care in clear coating for an even coat and shine without drips or striations. Still in the process of clear coating the hood, wet sanding (1200-1500 grit for blending with original paint) and buffing with red, white polishing compounds and regular polish with a final wax coat. I am an amateur, so expecting perfection is out of the question, but with patience (for me, about 3 weeks 3-4 hrs per 5 day work week) and the right compounds I'll get as close to factory paint as is possible thanks to AutomotiveTouchup. With a shiny 26 yr old truck that looks like new, learning curve is complete. Pics to come later.

Rick D, owner of a 1988 Chevrolet from Saratoga, CA

I think your touchup paint is great, I think the match is great and I have used your product many times. I'm a classic car dealer in California and have told many dealers about you!! Thanks...............Deignan Motors, Campbell, California

Amy M, owner of a 1988 Chevrolet from Belleview, FL

The Automotive Touchup web site made it easy to find the touchup paint I needed for my 1988 S10 Chevy Blazer which was very hard to find elsewhere. The paint came in a matter of days and it matched perfectly. The paint and clear coat were easy to apply and I am confident it will maintain its quality in the future. ATU is a class act!

Harold B, owner of a 1988 Chevrolet from Houston, TX

The color was an exact match and could not be happier with your products!! Harold Barker

Vince D, owner of a 1988 Chevrolet from Vancouver, BC

I was very impressed with your web site. Ordering was painless and the site was easy to navigate through with no annoying bugs. The pages are nicely organized so it is remarkably straightforward to zero in on the right colour. The explanations on how to find the colour codes were very clear and helpful. Well done.Vince

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