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Make Note: The paint code can be located underneath the hood near the front strut tower, on the firewall, or the passenger side wheel housing. Click here for BMW paint code location chart and paint code label examples.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
10054 Anthrazit
144 Felgensilber Metallic
158, 222, 450 Tanggruen Metal/Tanggruen Metallic
16, 184, 630, 9621 Lipstick Rot
230 Ginstergelb
247 Barbadosgruen Metallic
263 Dunkelblau
267, 337 Dakar Yellow II
276 Avus Blue Metallic/Avusblau Metallic
290 Maledivenblau Metallic
297 Montrealblau Metallic
300 Alpine White III/Alpinweiss III
303 Cosmos Black Metallic/Cosmosschwarz Metallic
306 Atlanta Blue Metallic
307 Dunkelgruen II
309 Arktissilber Metallic
310 Fjordgrau Metallic
314 Bright Red/Hellrot
317 Orient Blue Metallic/Orientblau Metallic
324 Oxford Green Metallic/Oxfordgruen Metallic
326 Tuerkisgruen
327, 571 Santorinblau II
330, 443 Sahara Beige Metallic
334 Glacier Green Metallic/Glaciergruen Metallic
335 Estoril Blue Metallic/Estorilblau Metallic
339 Aspen Silver Metallic/Aspensilber Metallic
343 Canyonrot Metallic
349 Taigagruen Metallic
354 Titan Silver Metallic/Titanium Silver Metallic/Titansilber Metallic
356 Vermontgruen Metallic
357 Sierra Red Metallic/Sierrarot Metallic
358 Evergreen
361 Williamsblau Pearl
362 Siena Red Metallic/Sienarot II Metallic
363 Biarritz Blue Metallic/Biarritzblau Metallic
364 Topasblau Metallic/Topaz Blue Metallic
365 Ziegelrot
372 Stahlblau Metallic/Steel Blue Metallic
375 Feuerrot II
376 Lichtgelb Metallic/Light Yellow Metallic
379, 576 Velvet Blue Metallic
381 Le Mansblau Metallic/Lemans Blue Metallic
386 Farngruen Metallic/Fern Green Metallic
388 Peach Metallic
390 Royal Red Metallic/Royalrot Metallic
393 Meergruen Metallic/Sea Green Metallic
397 Anthracite Metallic/Anthrazit Metallic
399 Atlantis Metallic
400 Stahlgrau Metallic/Steel Gray Metallic
405 Imola Red/Imolarot II
406, 460, 560 Orinocco Metallic/Orinoco Metallic
411 Pearl Beige Metallic/Perlbeige Metallic
414 Mandarin
415 Bright Red II/Hellrot II
416 Carbon Black Metallic/Carbonschwarz Metallic
418 Impala Brown Metallic/Impalabraun Metallic
419 Tuerkis Metallic
420 Korall Metal/Korall Metallic
421 Bronzit Metallic
423 Lahargrau Metallic
425 Silverstone Metallic
427 Neongelb
430 Oxford Green Metallic/Oxfordgruen II Pearl
433 Apricot Metallic
436 Mahogany Brown Metallic
438 Electric Red/Japanrot
439 Eisblau Metallic
440 Stratusgrau Metallic
441 Pazifikblau 2 Metallic
442 Graugruen Metallic
444, 622 Scarabaeusgruen Metallic
445 Phoenix Metallic/Phoenix Yellow Metallic
446 Criollo Metallic
447 Frostblau Metallic
448 Laguna Seca Blue
453, 512 Midnight Blue Metallic/Nachtblau Pearl
461 Kalaharigelb 2
462 Graphite 2 Metallic
464 Frostblau 2 Metallic
465 Orangerot 2
469 Oliv Metallic
470 Flamencorot Metallic
471 Capriblau Metallic
474, 624 Sepia Violet Pearl
477, 5125, 922 Poetic Light Metallic
490 Bluish Black Pearl
490, 633, FQ70-1599, FQ95-4488 Titanicblau
505 Blau Pearl
603, F170-1951, FQ95-4480 Arizona Sun Metallic
621, FQ70-1573, FQ95-4472 Messing Metallic
627, FQ70-1595 Kastanienbraun Metallic
668 Jet Black/Schwarz II
900 Arktissilber Metallic

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Gene M, owner of a 2000 BMW from Landrum, SC

Very good price for BMW touch-up paint, and the delivery was quick. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Ted P, owner of a 2000 BMW from Scappoose, OR

I have used Automotive Touchup paint on several cars all with very good results. The difference it makes to do a complete touchup on a car in like night and day. I will continue to use this product on all cars in the future. Thank you!

Romeo S, owner of a 2000 BMW from Glen Allen, VA

I love your company, nice people, they tell you everything about painting not only that you can't find any company selling this product. I will order again next time. Thank you! Romeo

H Keith S, owner of a 2000 BMW from Landrum, SC

Great touch up paint! Now I need some impala brown.

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