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Make Note: The paint code is normally located in the back compartment panel in the trunk. Click here for an Audi paint code location diagram and label example.

Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
1G1G, 1GPA, LY3M Volcano Red Metallic
1J, 1J1J, LZ4X Amethystgrau Metallic
1R Lavagrau Pearl
1R, 1R1R, 1RPA, 1RPW, 41, LZ7L Lava Gray Pearl
1T, 1T1T, LY1C Imola Yellow
1Y, 1Y1Y, 1YPA, LX5W Jet Blue Metallic
2T2T, LC9X Orca Black Metallic
2Y, 2Y2Y, 2YPA, 2YPW, 2YSF, 2YSW, LS9R, S9R Gletscherweiss Pearl
3F, 3F3F, 3FPA, LY2G Glutorange/Solar Orange
3G, 3G3G, LY9W Emerald Black Metallic
3W, 3W3W, LZ6E Cambridge Green Pearl/Tiefgruen Pearl
4J, 4J4J, LY8X Havanna Black Metallic
4N, 4N4N, 4NPA, LX7U Oolong Gray Metallic
4U4U, 4UPA, 4UPW, LZ8W Teak Brown Metallic
5F, 5F5F, LZ5Q Cobalt Blue Metallic
5G, LX5T, X5T Eisvogelblau Metallic
5N, 5N5N, 5NPA, 5NPB, LZ5F Sprint Blue Pearl
5Q, 5Q5Q, LY7E Condor Gray Metallic/Kondorgrau Metallic
5W, 5W5W, LZ5E Mugello Blue Pearl
6L, 6L6L, LX1Z Bahia Beige Metallic
6Y, 6Y6Y, 6YPA, 6YPW, 6YSF, 6YSW, LZ7S Daytona Gray Pearl
7V, LY8Y Ipanema Brown Metallic
7X, 7X7X, LZ5D Night Blue Pearl
7Y7Y, LX5S Aventurine Blue Pearl
8A, 8A8A, 8APA, 8APB, LZ5A Deep Sea Blue Pearl/Tiefseeblau Pearl
8C, 8C8C, LZ9X Cherry Black Pearl
9004, A2, A2A2, A2PA, A2PW, A2SF, A2SW, LY9B Brilliant Black
9010, A1, A1A1, L041 Black/Schwarz
9C, 9C9C, 9CPA, LZ3F Garnet Red Pearl
9F, LX5X Sphaerenblau Metallic
9F9F, LX5X, X5X Sphere Blue Metallic
9Q9Q, LM7W Graphite Gray Metallic
9T, 9T9T, LX7X Sahara Silver Metallic
9X, 9X9X, LY1Q Dakar Beige Metallic/Dakarbeige Metallic
C6C6, C6PA, C6PW, LZ1N Aurum Beige Metallic
C8, C8C8, C8PA, C8PW, LY3J Brillantrot/Brilliant Red
E9, E9E9, E9PA, E9PW, E9SW, LY5Q Sepangblau Metallic
H0H0, LX7N Suzukagrau Metallic
H8H8, H8PA, LZ9Z Pantherschwarz Pearl/Pantherschwarz Perleffekt
J0, J0J0, J0PA, LX2U Samoa Orange Metallic
L041 Black
L8, L8L8, L8PA, L8PW, L8SF, L8SW, LZ9Y Phantom Black Pearl
LK1C Citric
LR115, R115, V9 Bianco Avorio
LR9A, R6, R6R6 Calla White
LX1Y Cuvee Silver Metallic/Cuveesilber Metallic
LX5N, U0U0, X5N Aviatorblau Perleffekt
LX5Q, S9PA, S9S9 Scuba Blue Metallic
LX5R, W1W1 Moonlight Blue Metallic
LX5V, Q9, Q9Q9 Aruba Blue Pearl/Arubablau Pearl
LX5Z, M7 Petrolblau Pearl
LX7V, U7 Monzasilver Metallic
LX7V, U7, U7PA, U7U7 Monza Silver Pearl
LX7W, P5, P5P5, P5PA, P5PW, P5SF, P5SW Ice Silver Metallic
LY1P, Y7PA, Y7Y7 Dakota Gray Metallic
LY5G Nimubsgrau
LY6B Mint Green
LY7F, M1M1, M1PA, M1SF Suzuka Gray Metallic
LY7G, Q4, Q4PA, Q4Q4, Q4SF Quartz Gray Metallic/Quarzgrau Metallic
LY9C, T9, T9PA, T9PD, T9PW, T9SF, T9SW, T9T9 Ibis White
LZ1Y, T2, T2T2 Savana Beige Pearl
LZ3M, N9, N9N9, N9PA, N9PW, N9SF Misano Red Pearl
LZ5B, X4, X4X4 Stratos Blue Pearl/Stratosblau Pearl
LZ7H, X5, X5PA, X5SF, X5X5 Meteor Gray Pearl
LZ7Q, X1, X1X1 Oyster Gray Metallic

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Joseph S, owner of a 2012 Audi A7 from East Greenwich, RI

Touch up paint was a good match on my 2012 Audi A7 Prestige. The enclosed brush was not the most efficient for an accurate job so I purchased to smaller detail brush at a hobby store. Would be helpful to know what kind of paint and how to clean the brush. Overall, pleased with the end result. I will trust Automotive Touchup. If fact, I am going to order a bottle of Polar White for my wife's Mercedes Benz.

Greg C, owner of a 2012 Audi A8 from Newport Beach, CA

Great product ... Great service ... Thx

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